LIST: 5 affordable home-based nail studios around Metro Manila

Nail lovers know how hard it can be to choose a design for their next manicure. They have to consider their outfit, the season, and any upcoming events.

Style of designs such as the marble-type, chrome, and French tips are often limited beyond the offers of most salons, and when available, they usually cost more than the prices of standard manicures.

Fortunately, Metro Manila is a great area for nail enthusiasts who are looking for home-based nail technicians. These technicians offer the same quality services as salons and are often more willing to accommodate custom designs and requests at reasonable prices.

Raise Your Nails 

Raise Your Nails is a nail salon in Malibay, Pasay City that offers affordable prices and a cozy studio.

Customers can choose from a variety of designs, from simple to intricate, to achieve their dream nails.

The nail technician’s services are so good that they have even been approved by celebrities like Awra Briguela, Andrea Brillantes, and Daniela Stranner!

Raise Your Nails offers gel manicures, polygel extensions, and overlays for P500 to P1,200.

Alona Nailed It 

Based in Baesa, Caloocan, Alona Nailed It specializes in nail extensions made of poly and soft gels. Her designs vary from different styles chosen by the customers themselves.

The nails usually last from four to six weeks, but some customers say it can even last up to three months with proper care!

The starting rates for soft gel extensions, polygel overlay, and polygel extensions are P1,000, P1,100, and P1,200 respectively. Additional length and designs will add more cost depending on the size and execution. 

Pretty Dainty 

Pretty Dainty is adored by customers for its careful and notable service. The nail studio is located in Western Bicutan, Taguig City.

Along with its specialty in details and heavy nail art, the home-based salon also promotes a variety of do’s and don’t’s for clients highlighting the importance of nail aftercare. 

Gel manicures start at P500 while the soft and poly gel extensions range from P1,000 to P1,600.

Gaby Nailx 


She may be a newbie but, Gaby Nailx is gaining popularity after her affordable nailsets went viral on TikTok. Viewers started appreciating her edgy designs, hence, rising to have more followers on the platform.

While the comfortability of her nail studio extends to coziness and privacy, her place which is located in Vito Cruz near De La Salle University, is strictly accessible only for clients as extra guests and companions cannot be accommodated. 

The price ranges from P400 to P1,100 depending on the length and design requested by the customers.

Sets by Nami 

Sets by Nami is located in Sampaloc, Manila. Although a beginner and exclusive only for soft gel extensions, the quality of the nails boasts a long-lasting glue that stays intact for up to a month!

The nail technician promotes the safety of nails as she wants to make sure the customers’ nail beds are healthy or brittle. Skin allergies, injuries, infections, and deformities are highly encouraged to be informed. 

The base prices start at P400, while add-ons including French tips, chrome, marble, ombre, and beads cost from P5 to P100.

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