Abstract French Tips, Polka Dots, & More Trendy Black & White Nail Designs

With each day that passes, the hot days of summer are only getting closer to being replaced by the cool essence of fall. And especially for the day-dreamers and fashion-forward alike, the month of August marks a desire to look ahead, no doubt craving cozy fall perfumes and binge-worthy horror series.

In the ever-changing world of manicures, the nail art tides, too, tend to shift as the chillier autumn season is ushered in. And this year? Experts in the industry tell Bustle that there are quite a few rising trends to watch, with “quiet luxury” lacquer hues, “more is more” 3D details, sheer mosaic manicures (that Halle Bailey most recently rocked), and black and white nail art designs making the list.

Brittney Boyce — an LA-based manicurist who also calls Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, and Dixie D’Amelio clients — previously explained that black and white manicures will remain at the forefront come fall. What’s more, she notes that the timeless color combination is a “super chic and fun option that anyone could pull off.”

From coastal cowgirl-inspired cow print French tips to 1960s-inspired mod details worn by the stars, here are 21 trendy black and white nail designs to try this fall.


Camila Cabello’s Split-Tone Frenchies

Follow Camila Cabello’s lead by adding a bit of edge to a classic French mani with half of each nail painted in a true black hue.


Abstract Waves

Keep your mani feeling trendy with some funky waves in contrasting hues.


Nostalgic Y2K Details

From fine-line flames to butterfly art, opt for some very early 2000s details for an on-trend set.


Greyscale Aura Nails


Micro Polka Dots


“More Is More” Monochrome


Pearl-Lined French Tip

Elevate some classic black-tipped French nails with some darling pearls.


Vanessa Hudgens’ Mod Moment


Optical Illusion Frenchies

Create a funky optical illusion with abstract details in place of a traditional stark white French tip.


Yin & Yang

A symbol that represents opposite yet interconnected forces, yin-yang nail art makes for the perfect high-contrast manicure.


Trippy Checkerboard Tips

Dua Lipa was recently spotted in some checkered nails, making this trippy set a clear go-to for fall and beyond.


Minimalist Details

For the minimal mani lover who wants just a little something special, these ultra-simple details are chic.


Little Black Hearts

For those who are (still) in their Lover era.


Pretty Painterly

For a manicure that is more like a work of art, try some black smoke swirls and textured polish swipes that mimic a painter’s brushstroke.


Atiana De La Hoya’s Fishnet Nails

An understated mermaidcore mani that goes beyond the warm summer months, try your hand at some sensual fishnet art, like Atiana De La Hoya.


Star-Crossed Lover

Decorate white tips with black stars for an edgy mani moment.


’60s-Inspired Daisy Details

Opt for mod daisies in black and white nail polish shades for an on-trend manicure that is sure to match every ‘fit.


Hints Of Croc Prints


Cow-Print French Tips


Reverse French Polka Dotted Cuffs

These reverse French nail cuffs are eye-catching with tiny black dots.


Luxe Black Marble Nails

With black and white nail lacquers, create the look of luxurious marble on your fingertips.

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