All villains in Spider-Man 2, listed

Spider-Man 2 is bringing two key allies together in Peter Parker and Miles Morales, but that’s not all. Lots of enemies are in the sequel Spider-Man, and with the game’s release, we know them all.

Here are all the villains in Spider-Man 2, including key enemies you fight and small cameos from recognizable villains from the Spider-Man lore.

All villains you fight in Spider-Man 2

To start, let’s look at some of the baddies you fight throughout the story of Spider-Man 2. You might seem them early or late in the game, but all of these villains eventually face the fists and webs of our two protagonists.


When you first start Spider-Man 2, the first villain you will truly encounter is Sandman. He was first shown off in trailers, and he is the first major boss battle for the two Spideys.

Sandman, one of the villains in Spider-Man 2
Sandman in his full form. Image via Dot Esports

His look is similar to the movie form of Sandman, but of course with Insomniac Games’ own spin on the classic Marvel villain.

Mister Negative

One of the biggest surprises of the original Spider-Man game, Mister Negative is back in Spider-Man 2. You see him early on in the game, but he appears later as someone you have to fight. Much like the original game, Martin Li is a tough battle, only exacerbated by what he’s done to Miles Morales, one of our two Spideys.

Kraven the Hunter

One of the first new villains for the sequel, Kraven the Hunter is entering the franchise as one of the catalyst for the events of the game. He’s looking for big fish to fry, and none bigger than the multitudes of heroes and villains from New York City, including Spider-Man.

Kraven the Hunter, one of the villains in Spider-Man 2
Kraven the Hunter, from Spider-Man 2. Image via Dot Esports

He sports a very natural look, with long facial hair, scars, and a thick pelt of fur on top of armor. 


As everyone knew from the promotional material for Spider-Man 2, Venom is also joining the franchise, both as a temporary ally to Peter Parker and as a villain. From what fans know of the character from the franchise, this symbiotic entity offers power to who it assists, but might provide more than the handler can take.

Venom with Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2.
Venom, paired with Peter Parker, in Spider-Man 2. Image via Dot Esports

Similarly to what we’ve seen of Venom from movies and comics, the style of Venom remains jet black, goo-like, and terrifying to his enemies.


Another surprising entry to the game franchise, Lizard most popularly made a mark in The Amazing Spider-Man movie. Scientist Kurt Connors is back, and much more dinosaur-like than his form from the movie.

Lizard, one of the villains in Spider-Man 2.
Lizard, one of the many villains in Spider-Man 2. Image via Dot Esports

Fans got a taste of him from the PlayStation Showcase, and players will get to face off against him partway through Spider-Man 2


Not as major as some of the other enemies in Spider-Man 2, Grizzly is a potential fight as an ally of Kraven the Hunter. He’s similarly dressed to Kraven, and while his story isn’t as deep as other villains on this list, is another nice touch for avid comic fans.


Another minor boss, Yuri Watanabe, also known as Wraith, is a villain Spider-Man can fight in Spider-Man 2. You come across her in a side-quest, so the fight is optional, but does add another cool character to the crew of contentious conspirators against the Spideys.

She isn’t in his true form of Wraith, simply known as Yuri Watanable, but this is the same villain from the Spider-Man lore that dons a mask with only holes for eyes, a neat haircut and a small scythe on a chain as her main weapon.


This is one of the most cameo-like villains in Spider-Man 2, but Mysterio is back as another side quest boss that the heroes can fight. Fitting to his character, Mysterio will make the fight very tough due to the confusing tricks he’s got. He’s got that same astronaut-like suit with a bubble over his head, but a skull underneath it makes Mysterio look more menacing than other versions of him from previous media.


Without going into spoiler territory, Scream is one of the many antagonists you will have to fight. Considering how they’re controlled by the symbiote, they prove another powerful foe to defeat. 

Sporting long hair and a yellow and pink color scheme, this is one of the most visually distinct enemies in the franchise, despite their connection to Venom.

All villains that cameo in Spider-Man 2

Now, we got other villains that make their name in Spider-Man 2, but are more there to flesh out the world, assist other enemies, or make their mark in New York.

Black Cat, one of the villains in Spider-Man 2
Black Cat, one of the cameo villains in Spider-Man 2. Image via Dot Esports

Scorpion makes his second appearance in the franchise, but isn’t part of a fight. Black Cat makes her mark, Vulture comes back, and Doctor Octopus makes their return. Alongside that, we got some different foes, like Cletus Cassidy, Tombstone, and Chameleon

That covers them all though, with Spider-Man 2 already having a diverse cast of enemies for the two heroes to beat up.

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