Soulja Boy Threatens To Sue ‘Complex’ Over Fake Jewelry Claims

Soulja Boy has put Complex on blast and is threatening legal action after the publication claimed “nearly everything” he owns is fake.

Earlier this week, Complex posted a list of celebrities who have been caught allegedly rocking fake designer clothing, watches and jewelry, and Soulja Boy made the cut.


Big Draco wasn’t happy to see his name dragged through the mud with a headline calling out that “nearly everything Soulja Boy owns” is fugazi.

On Thursday (October 19), the “Crank That” hitmaker took to social media with a vicious rant declaring that he’ll be suing Complex in the future.


“Fuck Complex and fuck Complex Music. Y’all gon post on your page talking about Soulja Boy some shit I don’t know — everything he own is fake or some shit,” Big Draco began. “I’m suing y’all n-ggas [for] defamation of character, bro.

“I went on Complex and bought shit for y’all. How the fuck is y’all on your platform trying to discredit me. But it’s all good. It ain’t nothing but a hater whoever run that page is a muthafuckin’ hater. But you gonna get the whole Complex sued for playing with my name, n-gga.


“I ain’t bought nothing fake in my whole life. Fuck you talking about, n-gga? Even in that picture y’all showed I was wearing a $10,000 Gucci bandana, a $40,000 Superman chain. What is y’all talking about? $50,000 right there. Complex you some hoes.”

The “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper continued: “Y’all do that to Black people. Notice how they didn’t have one white person on there. Somebody screen talking about, ‘Everything Soulja Boy got is fake.’ Who the fuck run this page? Who wrote that? What type of shit is you on?”

Other rappers to make the cut on Complex‘s list included Busta Rhymes, Lil Baby, 6ix9ine, Rick Ross, Famous Dex, T-Pain and others.

Meanwhile, the “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” rapper took his frustration out on Lil Yachty over the weekend after Yachty claimed that he and Post Malone were the first rappers to stream on Twitch back in 2017.

Soulja Boy’s Ex Petitions Court For Royalties & Weed Profits To Satisfy Judgment

Soulja Boy’s Ex Petitions Court For Royalties & Weed Profits To Satisfy Judgment

“I ain’t gon’ even cap,” Soulja Boy began in his tirade. “Lil Yachty, sit yo bitch-ass down, n-gga. Drake, you and Lil Yachty getting on my muthafuckin’ nerves. Fuck wrong with y’all pussy-ass n-ggas?

“Lil Yachty, you is a bitch n-gga. Fruity-ass n-gga. Painting yo muthafuckin’ toe nails and shit. Bitch, you wasn’t the first n-gga to do shit. Lil bitch-ass, pussy-ass, punk-ass, Oreo-looking ass, fuck-ass n-gga.”


Soulja continued to attack Boat by saying: “I’m getting tired of y’all fuck n-ggas. Lil bitch-ass n-gga. Lil Black-ass n-gga … Lil Yachty, sit your lil’ pussy-ass ass down. Bitch-ass n-gga. You wasn’t the first n-gga to do shit. I’m getting tired of y’all pussy ass n-ggas, man.”

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