At 51, Jennifer Garner Is ~Glowing~ In A New No-Makeup IG Video

  • Jennifer Garner posted a makeup-free Instagram reel talking about some of her favorite products from Virtue Labs where her skin is absolutely glowing.
  • She loves the brand’s leave-in conditioner and styler.
  • The actress also uses sunscreen, hyaluronic acid, and retinol in her skincare routine.

Whenever I see a picture of Jennifer Garner, I’m always wondering what her beauty routine is like. I mean, she always has the best hair. So, when she opens up about the products she uses, people pay attention.

The Catch Me If You Can actress just shared an Instagram reel where she’s talking up the perks of Virtue Labs’ Purifying Leave-In Conditioner while going makeup-free.

“Don’t be scared off by conditioner,” Jennifer says in the video, before spraying it on her wet hair, inhaling, and saying, “Gosh, it smells good.”

She revealed the spray’s partner product is “one of my best friends”—the Virtue 6-In-1 Styler. “It gives you texture, it protects your hair, you don’t have to overdo it,” Jennifer said. Then, the video cuts to Jen getting dressed with hair that legit looked like it was styled by a pro. “It feels so soft, my hair,” she continued.

Sure, this video might be an ad, but it’s hard to miss the fact that Jen seems so happy and is super glow-y right now. So, what other products are in her beauty rotation?

VIRTUE Purifying Leave-in Conditioner

Purifying Leave-in Conditioner

VIRTUE Purifying Leave-in Conditioner

Credit: Courtesy

Jennifer’s makeup artist Kara Yoshimoto Bua recently told Women’s Health that she uses a lot of Neutrogena products on her client. (Jennifer is a spokesperson for the brand.) Some picks: the Neutrogena multi-use makeup stick, the hydro boost concealer, and hydro boost water gel.

She starts with foundation, putting some on her fingers to blend, then smoothing it onto her skin, like a moisturizer. “I like to do that right after applying moisturizer so it glides on and gives a sort of watercolor wash to even out the skin tone,” Kara shared.

The multi-use stick is used to to perk up Jen’s complexion. “It’s a beautiful warm coral-y color, so we put that on the cheeks and also worked it into the lip and on the crease [of the eyelids],” Kara explained.

Jennifer also previously told Shape that she mostly focuses on using sunscreen, hyaluronic acid, and retinol on her skin. “I love the [Neutrogena] Retinol Pro+ Power Serum,” she said. “This bad boy is no joke. I’ll start with serum and sometimes while I have the serum on, that’s when I’ll floss and brush to give it a minute to absorb.”

The 51-year-old actress also takes good care of her skin from the inside out. Jen told WH that breakfast is usually full-fat yogurt with nuts and berries, along with an apple. For lunch, she likes a big salad with arugula, hearty veggies like green beans and broccoli, roasted sweet potato, cheese, and chopped nuts.

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Jennifer said she’ll have “mom food” for dinner, which is usually something like a starch and a big salad, in addition to roast chicken, mashed potatoes, twice baked potatoes, rice, or baked pizza dough.

Keep going, Jen!

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