Ice Spice Always Keeps Extra Pair of Pink Panties in Her Bag: ‘The Baddies That Get It, Get It’

Ice Spice has revealed she always keeps an extra pair of pink underwear handy. 

During her appearance on British Vogue’s In the Bag, the Bronx rap star emptied the contents of her pink purse to show fans what she carries throughout the day. The 23-year-old had the usual items such as hand cream, a pair of shades, lip gloss, a wallet, two phones, and earphones, but she expressed that one item was particularly necessary: a pair of pink panties. 

“I always keep a panty on me,” said Ice Spice. “The baddies that get it, get it. All my panties are pink. I always keep a panty because like, you just be having to change your panties—you know what I’m saying?”

Another item Ice Spice always carries in her purse that may surprise fans is a box cutter she calls “pokey.” According to Spice, she always has to keep her pokey near.   

“Y’all know I gotta keep the pokey on me,” she added. “It’s like what you use to open boxes. I’m from New York, so we got a lot of boxes to open over there.”

Unfortunately the knife wasn’t pink like most items in her bag, but Ice Spice has more than enough to let fans know that specific color is the way to go. 

Spice was enlisted alongside fellow pink enthusiast Nicki Minaj on the official soundtrack of the new box office smash BarbieThe 17-song tracklist also features appearances from Charli XCX, Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Karol G, Tame Impala, Haim, Dominic Fike, PinkPantheress, Billie Eilish, and more.

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