Baes & Baddies: Ellie The Empress Represents “The City Beaut

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Ellie The Empress

Ellie The Empress is our latest featured model in our ongoing Baes & Baddies segment and the Orlando beauty is far more than just a pretty face. With striking features, a dreamy figure, and a million-dollar smile, Ellie The Empress certainly adds to her hometown nickname with her unique style.

Not much is known about Ellie The Empress aside from the fact she resides in Orlando, Fla., which has the official nickname of “The City Beautiful” dating back to 1908. Over the years, Ellie has built a sizeable following on Instagram and launched an equally popular YouTube channel. Ellie is also making moves in both TikTok and X (formerly known as Twitter), so she has all her social media bases covered.

Much of what we’ve learned about Ellie is that she loves to travel, just turned 33, and knows the right outfits to wear that enhance her beautiful curves. She’s also got a winning personality that comes across in her TikTok and Reels videos, and that has sparked a series of try-on videos along with collaboration deals from a variety of fashion and apparel brands.

Check out more images of the beautiful Ellie The Empress below. You can find some of Ellie’s travel content here:

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