Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get Splint Mould in BG3

Taking the time to upgrade your armor and ensure you can go toe to toe with the most formidable baddies in Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the most important things to do. The cream of the crop for armor comes from the Adamantine Forge deep in the Underdark. However, simply finding the Forge isn’t enough; you must also find the mould needed for your armor of choice.

How to find Adamantine Splint Armor Mould in Baldur’s Gate 3

Several moulds for different weapons and armor are littered around the Forge and the entranceway leading to it. However, one of the sneakier moulds is that for Splint Armor. To find it, head to the Underdark – Ancient Forge waypoint and head northeast.

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There is an outcropping with two giant gears on it. Either hop over the railing or leap from a distance to arrive on the outcropping and grab the splint Mould.

Once forged, the Adamantine Splint armor provides an AC of 18, which can be increased to 20 with a shield. As with all heavy armor, it does impose disadvantage on Stealth rolls but comes with the benefit of reducing all incoming damage by 2. It also prevents the wearer from receiving critical hits, which would typically add double the dice to a damage roll.

Finally, the armor also has the Intense Adamantine Backlash ability, which causes any melee hit against you to send the attacker reeling for three turns. Reeling is a debuff that causes a -1 penalty to attack rolls.

So even if your massive AC doesn’t protect you from the hit, this armor has plenty of extra perks to reduce damage and make you harder to hit. Hard to argue with that.

Now that you have found the mould, why not find out how to use the Adamantine Forge to craft the splint armor of your dreams?

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