Beer News: Brooklyn Brewery Celebrates Hip-Hop With Notorious BIG Cans / Cost Of Bud Light Going ‘Woke’

, Beer News: Brooklyn Brewery Celebrates Hip-Hop With Notorious BIG Cans / Cost Of Bud Light Going ‘Woke’

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Brooklyn Brewery is honoring one of NYC’s greatest hip-hop artist with a special can and fashion rollout. We’ve that, “Words to Drink By” and more

Notorious B.I.G & Brooklyn Brewery Throw Down

In celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary this year, is releasing a limited edition Notorious B.I.G. x Brooklyn Lager collection to pay homage to Notorious B.I.G.’s vibrant legacy.

This limited release of Brooklyn Lager – which is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year – delivers the same iconic taste that’s made the beer so classic but for a limited time will feature an iconic image of Brooklyn’s favorite son, Notorious B.I.G. capturing his larger-than-life persona and embracing his creative legacy and profound impact on the hip-hop community, as well as in fashion, style, photography, and more.

To celebrate the lager’s launch, Brooklyn Brewery has teamed up with the great music journal Wax Poetics for a two-night celebration of the Brooklyn-born rapper. The events, which will take place on September 13 and 14 at the brewery, will be free to attend. Just RSVP in advance HERE. The free tickets are available while they last and Brooklyn Brewery will be supplying the beer and surprise giveaways at each event as well.

Words to Drink By

“If you’re telling someone you know this person or know that person to embellish your image, you’re losing.” – Bob Lefsetz, Music industry writer and media analyst

, Beer News: Brooklyn Brewery Celebrates Hip-Hop With Notorious BIG Cans / Cost Of Bud Light Going ‘Woke’

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Prominent Corporate Consultant on Bud Light Going ‘Woke

Author, Filmmaker, Speaker, Business Executive, Corporate Consultant Jennifer Sey who left her position as Lev’s Global Brand President in 2022 says Bud Light is in a difficult position after “prioritizing ideology over product’ in the wake of the company’s partnership trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, a relationship that has alienated both left and right beer fans who have now abandoned the once #1 selling beer.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, the former Levi’s exec warned that American brands with “big, broad reach” like Bud Light should “think long and hard” before embracing controversial stances and doing what she refers to as “reputation laundering.”

“Unfortunately, I think for Bud Light, there is now no way out but through… They could have apologized in the beginning to their loyal fans. They did not. And now they’ve just angered both sides and their business continues to suffer. I think they’re certainly scratching their heads about what to do but honestly for them at this point, I think there’s no way out, but they have to wait it out. There’s no way out but through.”

“Companies have taken these stances to curry favor with consumers. And what they’ve learned very quickly is there’s a large portion of consumers that are saying, ‘Yeah, no. I don’t believe in that. I’m gonna take my business elsewhere.’”

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