FFXIV players celebrate MMO’s 10th anniversary by sharing their fondest memories

Published: 2023-08-23T07:11:30

  ❘   Updated: 2023-08-23T07:11:44

Final Fantasy XIV players have come together to celebrate the MMO’s 10th anniversary by sharing their fondest memories and stories about their time spent in and out of the game.

Square Enix’s hit MMO Final Fantasy XIV has reached its 10th birthday. Originally released rather unsuccessfully, the game director literally made an in-game event that nuked the entire in-game world, allowing for new stories to be written.

Since that time the MMO has seen huge amounts of success, with the most recent Endwalker expansion completing the story started back in the base game. It’s wild to think that players have now spent a full decade in Eorzea, making friends, beating baddies, and creating connections that transcend even the in-game world.

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In order to celebrate the occasion, players from the ANZ region have shared some of their fondest memories, showcasing the power the game has in changing their lives for the better.

Australia in FFXIV Style MapSquare Enix

Players from the ANZ or Materia Data Centre have shared their fondest memories of their time in the last 10 years.

Many players who started back in all the way back in a Realm Reborn reflected on how their life changed outside of the game.

“I’ve been playing since Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Beta (2013) and during this time, completed two degrees and made and lost many friends along the way as we all go through life,” Tam recounted in speaking with local PR reps.

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And yet, the memories made within the game have stuck with them, especially with how deeply the themes of the story reflected on their life and the world in general.

“Memories of Eorzea (the continent FFXIV is set on) have made me chuckle and laugh, or made me break down and cry. The themes of the overall story have made me reflect heavily not only on my own life, but on the world in general. I’ve been diagnosed with a disability during this time and the close friends I’ve met and spent the time I have in Eorzea has literally saved me. This game just holds so much importance to so many people, and it shows in the people I meet in the community.”

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Venat in FFXIVSquare Enix

Players have spoken about the themes of the game’s story ringing true even in their own lives.

Another player recounted their memories via expansion, explaining how their life had changed each time a new DLC was released.

“I started playing Final Fantasy XIV Online A Realm Reborn when I was doing my Master’s degree. I would play the game at home and in between classes on my laptop in uni. Then the Heavensward expansion was released (in 2015) during the final exam week before my Master’s graduation. I remember doing the infamous Moogle chain quest in churning mist at midnight a day before my final exam in the university 24-hour study room in between my studies.

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“Fast forward to the Stormblood expansion (2017) where I was busy grinding through my full-time job and starting a new role in a new company. Fast forward to Shadowbringers (2019) where I was having my destination wedding. I brought my laptop along with me and played through Shadowbringers in between my holiday and wedding preparations.

“Lastly, my daughter was born during the Endwalker expansion (2021). I remember doing The Dead Ends while having my daughter sleeping in my arms,” Christofer narrated.

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FFXIV MoonSquare Enix

Players recounted how their lives have changed with each coming expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV also helped players with tangible skills that they’ve been able to bring outside of the game, assisting them in the workplace.

“This game has helped me improve and develop my leadership skills which I now use at my workplace. Learning how to lead a group in savage raids (difficult end-game content) and run a Free Company (a large player-lead community in FFXIV Online) has helped me become an effective team leader at the Intensive care unit at the hospital I work in,” Harry explained to the same PR team down under.

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FFXIV HesperosSquare Enix

Raiding has given players skills that they were able to take out into their real life.

Of course, with such a love for the game, certain players who adore a certain catgirl are consistently recognized when they’re out and about in New Zealand.

“I’ve met more people in New Zealand that play FFXIV Online through my Yshtola-wrapped car! They recognize her and ask about it,” John proudly reported.

There are a wealth of examples of what Final Fantasy XIV has achieved for players, which just goes to show you the sheer impact the game has had on the lives of many. With the game continuing on with its Dawntrail expansion, here’s to looking forward to another 10 years in Eorzea, with more stories and memories to create!

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