Behind the Music part 3


“Music Producers You Should Know”

Part 3

What it do y’all we’re back at again with another edition of Femalehiphopnow, and this time we will focus on the production side of the music and culture. Before you had the music producer in the early stages of hip hop, you had the DJ who would get creative with the sound and mix and master beats so the B-boy and B-girl to dance or rap too. Almost fifty years later, hip hop culture has changed where the Dj is also the producer. In the age of the internet, beat-making and producing have been at an all-time high. Different ways for producers to share and sell their beats and with a new artist blowing up and going viral every day. Anyone can be the next super producer with the direction the industry is going. Many producers have risen to legendary status over the past four to five years because of the internet connection. This edition of the article will highlight a few upcoming producers you need to know in the hip-hop industry. Now let’s get into it. 

Finally, we have a producer name Monique Winning from San Antonio, Texas. When people think of Texas, they think of screwed and chopped or Slowed music. Jigging or the Dallas boogie music, but we don’t hear music or anything cultural about San Antonio, Texas. If you agree with this, you don’t, and then you don’t listen to Texas music. San Antonio and West Texas have many artists that have hit the underground scene. Artists like Blake, Mateo Sun, and Kshiday have hit the hip-hop scene from San Antonio, Texas. West Texas also dripped in Texas Culture and Hip Hop Culture and Talent. Now let’s get into the Talented producer Monique Winning whose also putting on for West Texas and San Antonio 

Femalehiphopnow: As I sat down with Monique Winning and wanted to know,  What was it like growing up? In your hometown? 

Monique Winning: Growing up in San Antonio was decent, but I always felt out of place because I wanted to live in Houston.

Femalehiphopnow: Wow, that’s crazy. Hopefully, you can make that move to Houston. With you wanting to be in Houston, what are some musical influences? 

Monique Winning: Living in the state of Texas influenced me musically. I grew up listening to artists like Z-Ro, Traethetruth, Slim Thug, Big Moe, and UGK. So I’ve always been in love with the Texas rap culture.

Femalehiphopnow: What’s crazy thing is I hear many women from Texas say UGK and the Houston rap culture influence them. I see why you always wanted to be in Houston, Now knowing your influences. Leads me to ask, what is your creative process?

Monique Winning:  I don’t know if I have a creative process, honestly. I just do whatever I feel like doing at the time. Some days I feel like being versatile and working on different styles. Some days I just work on one style.

Femalehiphopnow: Okay, that’s dope. I like how you just go with the flow. My next question is, what are some of your inspirations (Daily)?

Monique Winning: I’m not 100% inspired by producers, as crazy as it sounds. Two artists primarily inspire me; Nicki Minaj and Aaliyah.

Femalehiphopnow: Wow, that’s dope. Those are some heavy-hitting inspirations. Both these artists have era-changing sounds too. This leads me to ask, What is the best beat/track you’ve produced? And What is the most successful beat you’ve produced to date?

MoniqudoesWinning: I try not to rank my beats because every time I favor one, people don’t like it.  Best song I produced: Saucy Santana – Giving Me

The most successful beat I produced is this Lil Baby type beat on my store titled “We Up.” It’s made me the most money so far, and it’s one of my favorites, surprisingly.

Femalehiphopnow: You did your thing with that with the Saucy Santana song like that beat it is fire. That Lil baby beat goes crazy too, you’re super talented. This question might get a little controversial, but What the differences between a producer and beatmakers?

Monique Winning:  I try not to compare the terms “beatmaker” and “producer.” I don’t believe there is a difference, and I honestly don’t try to look for one. We all make beats. 

Femalehiphopnow: That’s a good outlook on that. I like how you made it positive on the topic. Now that your experience in the Hip Hop industry’s producer side, what advice would you give a young upcoming producer? 

Monique Winning: Don’t set expectations. Stay humble. Always believe in yourself. Do your research. Try to stay away from locking yourself into a contract for as long as you can. Be free!

Monique Winning projects 

Song: Top Me by Lightskinkeisha 

Song: Giving Me by Saucy Santana 

Song: Depression by NLE Choppa 

Song: The world is yours by JackBoy

Monique Winning Beats for Sale or Lease

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