Behind the music part 2


“Music Producers You Should Know”

Part 2

What it do y’all we’re back at again with another edition of Femalehiphopnow, and this time we will focus on the production side of the music and culture. Before you had the music producer in the early stages of hip hop, you had the DJ who would get creative with the sound and mix and master beats so the B-boy and B-girl to dance or rap too. Almost fifty years later, hip hop culture has changed where the Dj is also the producer. In the age of the internet, beat-making and producing have been at an all-time high. Different ways for producers to share and sell their beats and with a new artist blowing up and going viral every day. Anyone can be the next super producer with the direction the industry is going. Many producers have risen to legendary status over the past four to five years because of the internet connection. This edition of the article will highlight a few upcoming producers you need to know in the hip-hop industry. Now let’s get into it. 

First Up Is a producer name Pyro Lucain from Albany, New York. Many people don’t know that upstate New York has a rich history in hip hop. For years people only associated hip hop with New York City and the boroughs, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, and Staten Island. At the same time, these are the places where hip hop got its origins. The sound did spread to upstate New York cities like Albany, Syracuse, and Buffalo. Buffalo is where the group/record company Griselda Records ( Buffalo Kids). You may have heard of them, But Upstate New York is not a place to sleep on, and the producers in Up State are just as talented as the Artists. Today we are Highlighting Pyro Lucain. 

Femalehiphopnow: When I sat down with Pyro Lucain I wanted to know where he is from and what it was like living there?

Pyro Lucain: Originally, I’m from Albany, New York, but I’m currently residing in New Haven, Connecticut and Growing up in Albany was great because It was a lot of culture in the city, things to do for the kids, a lot of entertainment flowing through as well, so I got to see a lot of great things happen while I was in Albany.

Femalehiphopnow: Wow, when people think of culture, people don’t think of Upstate New York. That’s good to know. Now with you seeing the culture around you, did your city/state influence you musically?

Pyro Lucain: I feel like Albany/New Haven played a big part musically from my standpoint from a different environment and adapting what was going on in Connecticut. Hence, it gave me the edge I feel.

Femalehiphopnow: That’s crazy that you say Connecticut when it comes to influence and culture. Many: the people wouldn’t know Connecticut has that type of crowd out there. This lead me to ask him, What is your creative process when it comes to making beats?

Pyro Lucain: When it comes to my creative process, I sit and listen to samples to spark an idea, or I go through loops from my close producer friends. I get the drums going and just go from there.

Femalehiphopnow: So you actually listen to other composers and samples so you can become inspired to make something new. That’s dope. Thinking about this, I had to ask him, What are some of your inspirations (Daily)?

Pyro Lucain: My daily inspirations come from me living day-to-day living. Of course, it goes deeper but to keep it basic lol it’s every day mainly living.

Femalehiphopnow: Yes, I understand that ultimately it is indeed a blessing to make it day by day. My next question for you will be, What is the best beat/track you’ve produced?

Pyro Lucain: To me personally, my best stuff is my unreleased stuff, but if I had to choose, I would say “Get Ahead” by Gqtheprince off his “Authentic” Ep goes crazy to me. Go check that out but the way.

Femalehiphopnow: oh yea, I heard both bodies of work. You went crazy on those for sure. This question might be a little challenging, but what is the most successful beat you’ve produced to date?

Pyro Lucain: The most successful beat I produced to date would have to the “Child Of The Ghetto” By Dave East.

Femalehiphopnow: Honestly, “Child of the Ghetto” is one of my favorite Dave East songs. You did your thang with that one. This question might get a little controversial. What are the differences between a producer and a beatmaker?

Pyro Lucain: The difference between a beatmaker and a producer is that a beatmaker sits and just makes Beats and sends them out, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. I got a lot of my placements and made my early connections like that. As far as a producer? he or she is involved with the engineering aspect or takes an idea and makes an entire song out of it, just to be brief. They both go hand and hand. To be honest, there are days where I’m a beatmaker, and there are days where I’m a producer. I’m still both at the end of the day.

Femalehiphopnow: That’s a dope outlook on the art form of producing music. Now you have experience in the music-making industry, what is advice would you give to upcoming music producers?

Pyro Lucain: The best advice I can give to upcoming producers is to make sure you learn the business as much as you make beats, build connections on all levels, attach yourself to an artist that you believe in and create a sound, be a student of the game, always work and have your style.

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