“Music Producers You Should Know”

Part 1

What it do y’all we’re back at again with another edition of Femalehiphopnow, and this time we will focus on the production side of the music and culture. Before you had the music producer in the early stages of hip hop, you had the DJ who would get creative with the sound and mix and master beats so the B-boy and B-girl to dance or rap too. Almost fifty years later, hip hop culture has changed where the Dj is also the producer. In the age of the internet, beat-making and producing have been at an all-time high. Different ways for producers to share and sell their beats and with a new artist blowing up and going viral every day. Anyone can be the next super producer with the direction the industry is going. Many producers have risen to legendary status over the past four to five years because of the connection of the internet. In this edition of the article, we will highlight a few upcoming producers you need to know in the hip-hop industry. Now let’s get into it. 

First up, we have Dailyonthistrack.

DailyOnThisTrack is an upcoming producer from East Waco, Texas. DailyOnThisTrack has been in the game for a little over ten years. He is producing for some of the central Texas most prominent artists. He has also worked alongside Mo3 and Black Youngsta. Recently I got a chance to sit down with Dailyonthistack and ask him about his journey on the production side of hip hop. 

Femalehiphopnow: With Dailyonthistrack coming from a small town, I wondered what it was like for him growing up?

 Dailyonthistrack: It was straight. It wasn’t all bad, but it wasn’t all good either, though. We live in a hateful / crab in a bucket city. Don’t too many people wanna see you do go or better than them.”

Femalehiphopnow: Knowing that could be tough to push through when you grow up in a city with that attitude. I asked him what were some of the inspirations when producing music or just throughout his daily life? 

Dailyonthistrack: “My daughter. My family. Putting them in a better position helps me keep going and not give up. Knowing that it only takes one song to change everything.”

Femalehiphopnow: Loving how his family was his motivation to keep him going. I started to wonder when did he first fall in love with music/hip-hop? 

Dailyonthetrack: “Since a kid, I always loved music. My favorite rapper was Lil Wayne during the Hot Boys era. He made me want to make music.” 

Femalehiphopnow: Noticing that Lil Wayne and the Hot boys made a mark on DailyOnThisTrack musically. I wanted to know what are some of his other musical influences? 

Dailyonthistrack: “Not much from the city, But Texas music as a whole did influence me.” 

Femalehiphopnow: After finding out some of the influences, I wanted to know his creative process? 

Dailyonthistrack: “If I’m just randomly making beats, I just go off how I’m feeling at the time. That’s the type of beat I’ll make. It is all about the vibe for me.”

Femalehiphopnow: The vibe is essential when making music. Now shifting over to your success in your music-producing career, What is the most successful beat you’ve produced to date?

Dailyonthistrack:I would say TOG Minor – The Spot ft. HotBoy Wes. Because when he perform it around the city, they always go crazy. But far as numbers-wise, I really don’t know.”

Femalehiphopnow: Oh yea, that song had the streets going crazy!!! So what is the best track or Instrumental have you ever produced? 

Dailyonthistrack: “I really can’t say. I feel like my best shit hasn’t been rapped or sung on yet. I have a Vault folder of beats that I feel would be instant hits if I get the right artist on it.”

Femalehiphonow: That’s crazy, so you have beats for days. Knowing that he has all these beats made me wonder, What are the differences between a producer and beatmakers?

Dailyonthetrack: “A beatmaker is just a beatmaker. A producer is someone who knows how to build a song from scratch. From the beat to engineering to song arrangement.”

Femalehiphopnow: Thank you for clarifying the difference because a lot of people don’t know.  Seeing that you’re successful so far, what advice would you give to upcoming music producers? 

Dailyonthistrack: “Perfect your craft. Don’t let artists try to run over you and try to use you cause; trust me, it will happen. If you got the talent, don’t lowball yourself. Know your worth.”

Here are some tracks and beats that Dailyonthistrack has produced over the past few years. If you like the beat, buy the beat and give credit to the producer. 

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Songs produced by DailyOnThisTrack

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