Blueface Proclaims “Free My Son” After Woah Vicky Presses Charges On Chrisean Rock

Even though they’re beefing quite heavily right now, Blueface still won’t cross certain lines when it comes to Chrisean Rock. Sure, the two have had such a back and forth relationship that this goodwill might not stick around for long. Regardless, the California native is still worried about their unborn son that Chrisean carries- and doesn’t want him to come into this world in a jail cell. Moreover, he recently expressed wishes for his son’s freedom after Woah Vicky reportedly pressed charges against Rock for assault. Specifically, this refers to an alleged brawl they had on the reality TV show “Baddies.”

“Smh I told her not to go on that show,” Blueface expressed on X, formerly (but forever) known as Twitter. “Free my son.” Of course, it’s unclear whether Chrisean Rock already faced incarceration on these charges. It’s very unlikely considering the social media storm that would cause. Still, many people expressed their skepticism at these second-degree charges in particular. After all, “Baddies” isn’t known for its easygoing or low-key group interactions, although that notoriety shouldn’t go too far in the scandalous direction, either.

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Blueface Reacts To Woah Vicky Accusing Chrisean Rock Of Assault

Despite these concerns and the reputation (and frankly, brand) associated with the show, this case may or may not go far and result in strong repercussions. More information or footage in the coming days and weeks will probably illuminate the situation more in the public eye. As of now, it seems like Blueface’s main concern is his son. However, one would think that he would be a little more involved in his life if that was the case. That’s a complicated web of drama, but things aren’t by any means going to be easy to heal moving forward. Maybe the two’s callouts and accusations will die down once they have to work together to raise a child.

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old recently expressed that he and Chrisean came together thanks to divine intervention, as wild as that sounds. While this is probably just to troll her online, it’s also not entirely untrue based on how many people are invested in their relationship. It will continue to grow in messy ways, for sure, but in that tangled firestorm, they also found plenty of moments to support each other and let bygones be bygones for the sake of their lives. On that note, come back to HNHH for the latest on Blueface, Chrisean Rock, and Woah Vicky’s legal action.

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