Blueface’s Mom Explains Booty Picture Leak As Jaidyn Alexis Drama Continues

Rather than wrapping up the drama unfolding between Blueface and Chrisean Rock in favour of focusing on healthily raising their son, the Cr*zy In Love co-stars have only continued to add new names to the chat as they navigate their complicated new lives. For her part, the 23-year-old is antagonizing her baby daddy by forming a new relationship with Lil Mabu, who helped her write a diss track aimed at Blue. While the father of three obviously heard the song, at this time he seems far more concerned with dealing with his toxic mother, Karlissa Saffold.

Earlier this month, a booty pic “accidentally” appeared on Saffold’s Story, bringing plenty of attention her way. The reality star’s husband wasn’t too impressed with the situation, but while streaming with followers recently, she doubled down on prior claims that posting the image publicly wasn’t intentional. “That was not on purpose, so let’s find out what my husband talking about,” Blueface’s mom added, hinting at an upcoming interview with her man.

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Karlissa Saffold Addresses NSFW Photos

Saffold’s other half certainly isn’t the only one who called her out for shamelessly showing her booty. Upon seeing the images himself, the “Thotiana” rapper had a notably negative reaction, referring to his mom’s behind as “old lady booty cheeks.” His first MILF Music signee, Jaidyn Alexis, also couldn’t help but troll her children’s grandmother over the incident, though that only caused Saffold to lash out further.

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Jaidyn Alexis and Blueface’s Mom Continue to Trade Shots

“You want me to respect your wife?” Saffold publicly asked her son during a recent Live session. “Ni**a that’s not a wife, that’s a maid. You need to know the f**king difference. A wife is a motherf**king helpmate. It ain’t a drunk, complaining, crying a**, weird a** pumpkin head a** crybaby, ok?” she lashed out at Alexis. Keep scrolling to see Blueface’s baby mama’s response, as well as everything Karlissa had to say to her this weekend.


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