Tips For Wearing Pants While Still Nailing A Cocktail Dress Code

Fabric is the key guide to cocktail attire. When wearing pants to an event that calls for cocktail attire, opt for a fabric that’s dressier. This means to steer clear of cotton, linen, or any kind of athletic leisure material. Jeans are absolutely out. Instead, choose fabrics like silk, satin, and anything else that remains wrinkle-free and smooth. A polished looking pair of trousers or fitted cigarette leg pants are perfect.

When in doubt, black trousers are a good choice. They’re easy to style and pair with a dressier top. To add to the look, choose trousers that feature some kind of embellishment, from sequins to pearls. We also love any kind of feather detailing, because it adds such movement and play to pants. Feathers tap into the fabulous trend of wearing pajamas out of the house, a look we are completely obsessed with. It’s luxurious and fun. Pair it with a top with a metallic sheen for added glitz. 

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