Wack 100’s “Old Man Booty Cheeks” Appear On Chrisean Rock’s Twitter, She Brings Junior To Meet & Greet Event

Being a first-time parent has proven to be difficult for Chrisean Rock, especially considering she’s doing most of the heavy lifting without help from her baby daddy, Blueface. As expected, the public has had mixed reactions to her mothering methods so far. Specifically, some are upset that Junior has been spending so much time outside and around strangers while still developing a strong immune system. Nevertheless, Rock continues to take her little one along as she fulfills her career obligations. Thankfully she’s at least setting a good example for the infant in terms of her work ethic.

Earlier this weekend, the Baltimore native appeared at an event dedicated to supporting other new mothers. It was obvious that being surrounded by so much love had Rock in her feelings. She was overcome with emotions while fans showered her with gifts and beautiful flowers. She still has a long way to go before she (and onlookers) are fully confident in her maternal instincts, but it’s hard to deny the progress that’s been made since Chrisean Jr. was born in September.

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Chrisean Rock and Her Son Step Out Together

Unfortunately, elsewhere, it looks as though Rock has made little progress in her feud with Wack 100. After social media lit up with rumours of the 23-year-old’s house being relisted, she’s now under the impression that Blueface’s friend is responsible for the situation. “Wack 100 [know] for sure he made those fake a** screenshots,” she tweeted on Saturday (October 21). “Y’all can keep up the BS team all yo want, I’m still gon keep sh**ting on y’all. [And] be careful with the lies,” Chrisean cautioned.

“I got someone that works in that field to take [your] rat a** to court for [your] lies,” she threatened at the end of her post. Not long after, an alleged photo of Wack displaying his bare booty while lying in bed landed on Rock’s Twitter page, only adding fuel to the fire.

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Baddies Star Goes in On Wack 100… Again

Keep scrolling to see the latest shade thrown at Wack 100 on Chrisean Rock’s social media. Do you believe that the industry executive would fabricate screenshots in an attempt to defame Blueface’s second baby mama? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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