Bobbi Brown’s Best Tips For Not Letting Your Makeup Wash You Out If You Have Gray Hair

Neutral lip colors are risky for people with gray hair because they’ll make them look washed out, according to Bobbi Brown. So steer clear of any nude shades that are too light, beige, peachy, or brown when selecting the perfect lip color moving forward. Instead, contrast the gray-toned hair with a bit of well-chosen lip color. In particular, Brown suggests a nice shade of pink that can lend a bit of brightness but still look natural at the same time. “You need pops of color, there’s no question,” she said.

Rose and coral shades are also excellent options for silver sisters. Brown says that women with darker skin can choose a bolder shade of pink, whereas those with fair skin should go a little softer. Of course, a lot of other factors come into play when selecting a lip shade, like clothing hues and the level of intensity in the rest of the makeup, so keep a range of colors on hand to test with different ensembles.

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