Pastels are making a comeback, and lavender nails prove it

If you’re an avid Instagram and TikTok scroller, you’ll know that lavender nails are kind of a big deal among current nail trends. Digital Lavender was tipped as the colour of the year back in January by trend forecaster WGSN, who described it as inspiring “calmness and serenity”. And, despite its longstanding association with springtime (need we quote the Devil Wears Prada here?), the colour is still proving super popular this summer—alongside other key trends, such as French crème nails and jelly nails

So, why are we still on such a lavender hype? It isn’t just Sofia Richie’s recent TikTok mani that’s behind it. “As much as I don’t want to say Taylor Swift’s Lavender Haze had something to do with it, I honestly feel this could be the case,” manicurist Alex Philamond tells us. “The symbiotic relationship of pop culture and nail trends can’t be denied, and so many manicurists were using that song in their lavender nail reels.”


Lavender nails for summer 💫🪻💜

♬ Im In Love Im Obsessed Rihanna x Casa Di Remix – CasaDi

It’s not only current events like The Eras Tour that are at play here: lavenders and lilacs are both very wearable and universally chic summer nail colours. “I think lavender is such a versatile colour with its own spectrum,” Philamond continues. “It can veer towards either grey or pink or blue, meaning most can envision it on their nails, either as a neutral or as a statement.”

Celebrity manicurist and Sally Hansen ambassador Michelle Class agrees: “With their subtle pastel tones and milky looks, they look great on all skin tones and work well as a neutral shade to see you through the season.” 

Lavender nails inspiration

The great thing about lavender nails is that there are so many different ways to incorporate the colour into your next manicure, whether you prefer block colour or a more intricate design.

“A skinny, lilac French tip on a short, practical, rounded square nail is the perfect means of elevating your nude nail to feel summery,” Philamond recommends. “If you’re inclined towards nail art, have your manicurist add some daisies on the cuticle line or irregularly scattered throughout the set. The yellow centres and white petals will complement the purple beautifully.” On that note, let’s get into some of the prettiest designs on social media RN.

Classic, blue-y lavender in all its glory on an equally classic oval nail shape.

Lavender and lilac work brilliantly on just the tips of the nails, as demonstrated by the queen of the colourful French manicure with this micro design. 

We may have branched out from Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut colour combination, but our collective obsession with chrome nails is here to stay for 2023. 

As Philamond recommended, lavender and lilac make the perfect backdrop for daisy nail art. 

This lighter lavender option is proof of just how chic shorter nails can look.

Combining several trends in one, this lilac French mani complete with glitter is a yes from us. 

Is this the perfect slightly pink shade of lavender? Quite possibly.

Recreate the look

Inspired to join us on the lavender nails bandwagon? For those who prefer to take their manicure into their own hands (no pun intended), below are some of the best nail polish shades that both we and the experts recommend for lavender nails. 

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