Call of Duty players ‘savage’ 50 Years of Hip-Hop trailer

Call of Duty players ‘savage’ 50 Years of Hip-Hop trailer

Call of Duty players 'savage' 50 Years of Hip-Hop trailer

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Tom Chapman


6th Sep 2023 11:09

I said-a hip, hop, the hippie, the hippie” – that’s the mantra of Call of Duty‘s latest collaboration, as the staple shooter series celebrates 50 years of hip-hop. The CoDverse has never missed an opportunity to cash in on new Operator skins, and the latest line should be music to your ears.

As with all things CoD, collabs are often leaked ahead of time, meaning we knew long before their official announcements that we were getting Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, and 21 Savage. Still, with 50 years of hip-hop to honour and plenty of legends (alive and dead), some are questioning the unusual roster of rappers.

Call of Duty players slam 50 Years of Hip-Hop trailer

The official Call of Duty YouTube account shared its 50 Years of Hip-Hop video, honing in on the trio of artists. While it’s true that Nicki Minaj is something of a big deal as the franchise’s first self-named female Operator, most of you are underwhelmed by this supposed celebration of hip-hop.

As we move further away from the franchise’s Mil-Sim days and embrace everything from rats to rabbits, a line of hip-hop skins once again find themselves being accused of a cash-grab collab. “Call of duty never fails to disappoint us when it comes to disappointing us,” grumbled one frustrated player.

When someone asked, “50 years of hip hop and you decided to give us these three?” another added, “Snoop is the only one that should be included in this. The other two, no.” One Nicki stan said, “Don’t disrespect Nicki she paved the way for female rappers. She deserves acknowledgement. 21 just showed up and is a fake gangster.”

After Biggie, Tupac, and NWA bundles were suggested, someone rightly pointed out, “Half of them aren’t alive to self their own likeness and it’ll be unethical business to add them.” Ultimately, someone concluded, “It’s ridiculous how much time is put into paid bundles and not content or things to do in the actual game.”

21 Savage Skin gets ‘savaged’ 

While we reel off potential artists who could’ve made the lineup  – we understand Kanye and Drake might be a little controversial – it’s clear there are others you’d liked to have seen. Eminem was a popular choice, and it’s true that we could’ve at least had a homage to Biggie and Tupac. 

Among the harshest critiques, we see 21 Savage get royally roasted. While it’s clear to see the likeness of Snoop and Nicki, others are less convinced about 21 Savage’s character model. Namely, there were plenty of you chuckling that he looks like 50 Cent.

Why they got the man looking like 50 Savage lol,” laughed one, as another jibed, “This how you know they know nothing bout hip hop. They playing deadprez while showcasing 21 Savage.” Maybe it’s good that some of these Hip-Hop legends aren’t around, as we imagine some of them are spinning in their graves right now.


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