Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Executives of All Time

Scott-Young got her start managing the production team the Trackmasters, who introduced the young exec to Chris Lighty. Together, they co-founded the mighty management vehicle Violator and made history guiding the careers of some of hiphop’s hottest stars, including 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott. Next finding her footing in TV, Scott-Young and her production company Monami Entertainment hit the jackpot with a Jim Jones-helmed show called “Love & Hip Hop” that would see a slew of spinoffs inject new interest in maturing acts and launch colossal careers, including Cardi B’s. Let’s not forget to raise a glass of MYX Fusions to Scott-Young (who co-owns the Moscato brand with Nicki Minaj) for her work as a novelist and philanthropist as well.

Below, Busta Rhymes pays tribute to his longtime manager:

Outside of my mother, I don’t know if another woman has been as close to helping me grow as a man, an executive, and a human being outside Mona Scott-Young.

She was the manager of my life, both personally and professionally. And as a manager, that responsibility comes with being available for you as much as you are available for your child or husband.

It doesn’t matter what day or time it is. If there’s a crisis, they have to answer the phone. They have to troubleshoot. They have to find a solution.

Sometimes they cry with you because they are so involved. They have a deep-rooted emotional connection that surpasses business.

I don’t know what I would be without Mona.

My mother loves Mona. Mona loves my mother. I love Mona’s mother.

Times I had to go to court for shit I was troubled for, and Mona’s mom would pray for me and with me. She would make the congregation of her followers in her faith pray for me. Mona’s mom is a profound Christian leader in Haiti; she would have all her people pray for me from all the way over there. Put the right blessed energy into the universe to protect me from whatever negativity could come my way when I was going through these troubles and challenges.

Mona is someone that I love beyond description.

One of the greatest nurturers.

One of the greatest protectors.

One of the greatest mothers.

One of the greatest friends.

One of the greatest executives in music and outside of music.

We should all bow down and kiss her ring as one of the greatest to ever do it, not only as a manager but as a multifaceted trailblazer when it comes to being a success story and when it comes to being an executive of all executives.

She’s the only person that has had such an impact on my life as a manager, and as a friend who has been a source of inspiration to me with how much she has shown me, she loves me through my good and bad. 

I’d do absolutely anything for Mona. I love Mona Scott-Young, and I’ll love Mona Scott-Young forever.

Violator for life!

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