Chloë Sevigny Adds Girly Skatewear to her Fall Wardrobe

The collaboration drops on September 6 with the aforementioned T-shirts as well as tennis skirts with lace trim, argyle sweater-vests, polos, and hoodies in pink, gray, and black. (For fans in New York City, Sevigny will be signing merch at the brand’s Ninth Street store on September 7 from 5 to 7 p.m.)

Streetwear in general holds a very special place in her heart. “The first fashion thing I ever really did was X-girl, and then I worked at Liquid Sky. I’ve done things with Supreme and then these lines with Opening Ceremony,” she says. “I feel like it’s really a part of my core and something I want to continue doing and buying and wearing and giving to the kids.”

For Sevigny, there is a sentimentality about a high school yearbook photo. “People will project so much onto those, and you don’t even have to know who the kid is,” she says. “But you can just imagine where you were at that time or that age.” She looks back at her younger self with tenderness, recalling the times she’d tag along with her older brother and his friends while they skated after school. “I wore a cropped mock-neck navy sweater outfit. It was a miniskirt, striped stockings, and wingtip Doc Martens.” That, of course, includes some missteps: “I wore a lot of silly hats, I think because I never really like my hair,” she recalls. “There was a page in Sassy where I was photographed wearing some hat I had made. A brand, 555 Soul, made these sock hats, and I was trying to copy their hats. It wasn’t quite as good as what they had made.”

Photo: Courtesy of Fucking Awesome

Photo: Courtesy of Fucking Awesome

Sevigny still catalogs her life in outfits. “When I’m having an anxiety attack, that’s how I relax. I try and imagine where I’m gonna wear something somewhere as a way to think about nothing,” she says. She’s already got some killer outfits planned for fall. “I’m shifting between the black simple baby tee with the Fucking Awesome logo across the chest with a pair of khakis—a baggy jean with a high Tabi as a way of making it a little more sophisticated,” she says. “I’m also really looking forward to the gray kilt skirt, wearing that in the fall with a camel cable-knit sweater, some brown boots. I’m trying to phase out of black.” While we can only imagine the rest of Sevigny’s fall wardrobe, we’re certain it’ll be fucking awesome. 

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