Chrisean Rock Explains Why She Had Her Sister Jumped: “I Just Beat You To It”

Recently, a clip of a heated argument between Chrisean Rock and her sister Tesehki hit the internet. In the clip, Tesehki is seen loudly screaming at Chrisean. Surprisingly, the 23-year-old remains calm throughout the whole ordeal, even after Tesehki throws water on her. Her older sister, however, completely popped off. The altercation took place during the filming of an episode of Baddies, and started to make its rounds last night.

The intense clip got social media users talking. For those who don’t know, Chrisean is currently nearing the end of her pregnancy. She’s carrying the child of her on-again off-again partner Blueface, though they appear to have gone their separate ways for now. There’s been a great deal of drama between the two of them throughout the entirety of her pregnancy, and lately he’s focused his attention on Jaidyn Alexis. Chrisean also just recently claimed to be doing better than ever without him.

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Chrisean Rock Says Tesehki Tried To “Backdoor” Her First

At this point, the drama is coming at Chrisean from all directions. Fans note that the stress can’t be healthy for her developing child, who’s reportedly due sometime in September. With that being said, the rapper and reality star took to social media, appearing as calm and collected as ever to discuss the recent feud with her sister. She explained why she had Tesehki jumped, claiming that it was simply a response to her behavior.

Chrisean says her sister was eyeballing her stuff, and giving her and her crew the feeling that she was going to try something. She explains that Tesehki was also “randomly saying sh*t to distract” and upset her. “N***a I’m a whole lick, what the f*ck,” she continues, “we peeped your whole energy far away.” “You tried to backdoor me, n***a,” Chrisean adds, “and I just beat you to it.” Apparently, Chrisean isn’t willing to take the fall for this one. With that being said, social media users appear to disapprove of both sides. Many feel as though it was wrong on Chrisean’s part to have her sister beat up, while others claim she deserved it for instigating something with her while she’s pregnant.

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