Chrisean Rock Explains Why She Had Her Sister Jumped

Chrisean Rock has never been afraid to get down and dirty with the best of them — even against her own family members.

And in a recent Instagram live video, which she dropped on Saturday (August 12), Blueface‘s ex-girlfriend explained why she had her sister, Tesehki, jumped outside of a nightclub in Baltimore, MD.


Claiming that her sister was saying “random shit” to distract and upset her, the pregnant social media sensation went on to blast her sister for trying to get her jumped in the first place.

“N-gga I’m a whole lick, what the fuck,” she said. “We peeped your whole energy far away. You tried to backdoor me, n-gga, and I just beat you to it.” She also went on to imply that her sister was jealous of her success, giving her the evil eye because of her expensive jewelry, clothes, and purses.

Check out Chrisean’s whole explanation below.

Footage from an event called Baddies East in Baltimore, MD, that was released on Saturday (August 12), shows Chrisean and her sister, Tesehki, arguing with one another outside the club.

The footage then pans to a van outside the club, where a woman emerges, and a group of women are spotted pounding on Tesehki.

Blueface’s Las Vegas Robbery Rap Includes Chrisean Rock Assault Allegations

Blueface’s Las Vegas Robbery Rap Includes Chrisean Rock Assault Allegations

Security guards and police are then seen pulling the women out of the van, one by one, in an attempt to break up the fight, which was allegedly sparked because Tesehki threw water on her sister. (The footage does show water being thrown at Chrisean Rock, but it’s not clear who threw the water).

At the end of the video, Rock can be seen talking on the phone to someone, with her pregnant belly out front and center, but it isn’t clear who she’s talking to. It’s not clear whether any charges will be filed.


Despite her pregnancy, Chrisean Rock has been in more than her fair share of legal trouble as of late.

Last month, it was revealed that the reality star and ex-girlfriend of rapper Blueface — with whom she is expecting a child — was reportedly wanted by police in Oklahoma, who placed her on their fugitives list over a drug charge.


According to various reports, Oklahoma police accused Rock of “possession of a controlled dangerous substance without a tax stamp” and “possession with the intent to distribute.”

While more details weren’t immediately available, she could face up to seven years in prison and a $100,000 fine for the crime.

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