Emma Watson Provided A Cheeky Peek Of Her Booty In A Sheer Gown In New Pics

  • Emma Watson showed up at the Soho House Awards in New York City this week in a totally iconic outfit.
  • The actress was wearing a see-through dress that showed off her legs, and she even posed for the cameras in a way that provided a peek of her toned booty.
  • Emma hasn’t shared a ton about her specific workout routines, but she has worked with personal trainer Emily Drew since 2010.

Emma Watson may not make a ton of public appearances these days, but when she does, you know it’ll be simply iconic. Case in point: This week, Emma showed up at a red carpet event for The Soho House Awards in New York City rocking a rather cheeky look. The Harry Potter actress, 33, was decked out in a gorgeous, white, see-through gown, which showed off her super strong legs and a peek of toned booty.

Of course, her beautiful smile was radiating, and it was hard to miss how happy she looks right now. Here’s a peek at the shots, in case you missed the moment IRL:

the soho house awards

Emma Watson at the Soho House Awards.

Gilbert Flores//Getty Images

And another shot of her twirling around in the dress:

the soho house awards

Emma Watson at the Soho House Awards.

Gilbert Flores//Getty Images

If these photos have you asking yourself, “What in the world does Emma do to get such toned legs?” I can assure you that you’re not alone. Women’s Health has done some digging, and here’s what you should know about the star’s health and wellness routines. The first thing to know is that Emma hasn’t revealed much about her current fitness regimen, but she has worked with a personal trainer, Emily Drew, for over a decade.

Drew shared on Instagram that the two have been working together since 2010.

More recently, Emma shared on Instagram in April that she’s discovered she has some fun, new active outdoor hobbies. It’s clear she stays super active when she’s not working.

β€œI learned to surf (badly),πŸ„β€β™€οΈ I rode some horses,” she wrote. She went on to write, “I played Pickleball with @sugarrayleonard and I even played golf and then tried to make all of my girlfriends learn too.”

Going on hikes is also another way she likes to get her body moving.

And back in 2016, she did some intense self defense training. “Ready for anything after @SheFighter training with Lina Khalifeh,” she wrote on Instagram.

It’s not all cardio, though. Emma makes sure to hone her mobility and take care of her body, too, by turning to yoga. In fact, this actress loves her yoga practice so much that she became a certified yoga instructor, per ABC News. Now, that’s some dedication!

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Of course, with all that outdoor activity and a busy work schedule, Emma makes sure to whip up some yuumy, nutritious meals for herself. “I make guacamole, salsa, and scrambled eggs, and then I cook the tortilla. It’s pretty simple, really, but yummy,” she told Marie Claire.

She also told the mag that going to culinary school is on her bucket list. “Going to Le Cordon Bleu for a year would be super badass. I don’t like using recipesβ€”I like to cook things I just know how to cook. I figure if I went and really learned, I would be the kind of person who could open the fridge and be like, ‘I know what I will make with this one piece of celery and this random piece of butter and this pasta.'”

However, she recently shared she had a bad cooking accident. β€œI cut my thumb nail off on both hands trying to cook for myself and then was only able to do things one-handed for months,” she shared on Instagram.

Keep doing your thing, Emma!

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