Entertainment News Roundup: Elvis was ‘the love of my life’, Priscilla tells Venice; Hollywood strikes to hit Warner Bros revenue for rest of the year and more

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Elvis was ‘the love of my life’, Priscilla tells Venice

Elvis Presley’s former wife Priscilla said the legendary rock star had been the love of her life, despite eventually leaving him, as a film about their turbulent relationship hit the Venice Film Festival. “Priscilla”, directed by Sofia Coppola, is based on her 1985 autobiography, “Elvis and Me”, depicting her roller-coaster life with one of the most famous figures of the 20th century.

Hollywood strikes to hit Warner Bros revenue for rest of the year

Warner Bros Discovery is bracing for a hit to its full-year profit as the ongoing strike by Hollywood actors and writers shows no signs of let-up. Hollywood is experiencing its first dual work stoppage of writers and actors in 63 years, halting productions across the industry and costing the California economy billions of dollars.

Japan’s Hamaguchi revives himself with dark nature film

Director Ryusuke Hamaguchi felt he needed a break after promoting two back-to-back hits, so he vanished into the Japanese countryside to make a new movie, “Evil Does Not Exist”, which premiered at Venice on Monday. Hamaguchi won an Oscar for best international film with “Drive My Car” in 2022 and took the Grand Jury Prize at the 2021 Berlin Film Festival with his romantic drama “Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy”, significantly boosting his international profile.

Harrowing migrant drama puts spotlight on Europe border cruelty

After the media was denied access to migrants desperately trying to cross the Polish-Belarus border, director Agnieszka Holland decided to step in and make a wrenching movie about their plight. “Green Border”, which premieres at the Venice Film Festival on Tuesday, tells the story of refugees, charity workers, activists and border guards, whose lives intersect in the cold, swampy forests between the two east European countries.

Woody Allen hails ‘very lucky life’ as he presents 50th film

U.S. director Woody Allen presented his 50th film to the Venice Film Festival on Monday, telling reporters he had had a “very, very lucky life”, making no reference to the scandals that have dogged his latter years. “I have had nothing but good fortune and I hope it holds out, although obviously it is early this afternoon,” he told reporters ahead of the premiere of his first French-language film, “Coup de Chance”.

The Rolling Stones set to announce new album ‘Hackney Diamonds’

The Rolling Stones are set to announce “Hackney Diamonds”, their first album of original music for 18 years. The band, who formed more than six decades ago, heralded a “new album, new music, new era,” on X, formerly Twitter, with details to be revealed on Wednesday.

Brazen, original, poetic: hip-hop’s mark on fashion continues

As hip-hop celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, elements of the culture are expected to be on the runway during New York Fashion Week from Sept. 8-13, when American designers will showcase their latest collections. “Hip-hop fashion is defined by its brazenness, its originality, its verbal symphony. You know, hip-hop is poetry,” said costume designer and entrepreneur June Ambrose, a creative director at Puma.

Burning Man festival road reopens, allowing thousands to escape muddy trap

Burning Man organizers reopened the road leading out of the remote Nevada desert festival on Monday, allowing tens of thousands of attendees to escape after they had been trapped for days by mud. But many of the 64,000 people who remained on site as of Monday may choose to stay one more night and watch the festival’s giant namesake effigy go up in flames on Monday night, two days past schedule.

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