Erykah Badu Fires Back At ‘P-ssy’ Akademiks In Hilarious Fashion

Erykah Badu has hit back at Akademiks after he made disparaging comments about her, years after she poked fun at him.

The Off the Record podcast host went on a disrespectful rant about the R&B singer earlier this week while reacting to the news that Tory Lanez had been sentenced to 10 years in prison for the July 2020 shooting of Megan Thee Stallion.


Triggered by a comment from an Instagram user imploring Badu to “work your magic” against Akademiks, who had been accused of leaking information from Tory’s camp during the high-profile case, the media personality called Badu an “old-ass hoe” who has been “ran through” by several rappers.

Akademiks’ bitterness towards the Grammy-winner stems from a 2017 episode of Everyday Struggle, his former show with Joe Budden and Nadeska Alexis, during which she likened him to the cartoon mouse from Tom & Jerry.


“Erykah Badu, let me tell you this: you keep my name out your mouth too,” he began. “Listen, that little Everyday Struggle shit, that was another era, my n-gga. I’m down to violate all you n-ggas these days. Fuck what y’all got going on. You don’t mention my name, please. I don’t fuck with you neither.”

He continued: “I never fucked with Erykah Badu after she was tryna come on my show and be funny. Bitch, I don’t fuck with you after that. N-gga, wassup now? What we finna do? Bitch, you a old-ass hoe, just keep getting fucked by all these young n-ggas.”

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Akademiks then asked: “How many rappers done ran through you?,” referring to Badu’s past relationships with André 3000, Common, Jay Electronica and The D.O.C.

Erykah Badu issued a simple yet brutal response on Wednesday (August 9), sharing a picture of her Badu Pussy incense featuring Jerry the mouse on the front of the box. A closer inspection reveals that the mouse is wearing a gold chain that reads “Livingston,” which is Akademiks’ forename.


“Badu Pussy Just went live ! Limited supply.,” she captioned the photo.

Badu’s response was more than just a joke as the limited edition incense, dubbed “Biggest Pussy Energy,” was actually available to buy on her website.


“In honor of the biggest pussy in our culture, we’re introducing this limited edition premium incense — cause he deserves it!” reads the product’s description on its website.

Her stunt went down a storm as the incense — 1,000 boxes of which were made available — sold out in mere hours. “Y’all quick !!! Lol SOLD OUT 1000 boxes,” Erykah wrote in a follow-up post.

Prior to unveiling the incense, Erykah Badu addressed Akademiks’ comments in an Instagram video, making light of the fact that her years-old Tom & Jerry joke had “triggered” his “deep-rooted trauma.”

“I learned something super valuable today. You have to really be careful what you think and what you say out here,” she said. “I learned today that something I said five years ago in jest, when we all laughed, actually triggered someone’s really deep-rooted trauma.”


She added: “They kept it bottled up for a while and it hurt them so bad. Had them out in these streets acting real pussy.”

Akademiks has yet to respond.

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