Everyone’s wearing Clinique’s Black Honey lippie on TikTok—but I found a swap that will save you $19

Love Clinique’s viral berry-tinted lip stain but don’t want to doll out $24 for it? Well, this e.l.f Clinique Black Honey dupe might be the best (and cheapest) purchase you make this month…

The fabled Almost Lipstick in shade “Black Honey” originally sent TikTok into a frenzy for its universally flattering sheer raspberry stain—along with its nourishing balm-like formula. Like with most products from classic beauty houses though, the price tag is a tad steep for a lippie.

Thankfully though, e.l.f has come through once again (much like it did with these Charlotte Tilbury Flawless filter dupes) with its own rival balm, that boasts a very similar color payoff but for a fraction of the price…

e.l.f’s Clinique Black Honey dupe

So, is this e.l.f Black Honey dupe the real deal? Well, according to TikTok, it’s pretty darn close and for just $5, the slight differences are easily overlooked.

The e.l.f Hydrating Core Lip Stain in shade “Ecstatic”—which would be perfect for a ‘French Girl’ makeup look—delivers a very similar sheer but super glossy effect and that coveted ‘dark berry’ tint.

The formula melts onto the lips, with an adorable heart-shaped core that’s infused with lip-loving vitamin E that ensures hydration and keeps your lips soft, with just the right amount of tint.

Over on TikTok, beauty lovers have shared side-by-side comparisons and while some say e.l.f’s shiny offering is a tad darker than the OG, the similarities are pretty evident. In fact, take a look yourself…

♬ THIS AND THIS DUPES – Sean Anthony

Theyre definitely quite different – the elf one is much darker and appears more cool toned on me, but its worth it for the price diff

♬ m. – justspeedsoundzz

TikTok @branditheglambelle said of the e.l.f Black Honey moment: “This one might be a shade darker but I actually think that this color suits me better. It’s definitely just as hydrating as the Clinique…if not more. If you love Clinique Black Honey, I definitely think you should give this one a try.”

♬ original sound – theglambelle

It’s also available in six other flattering shades, so if you already own Black Honey by Clinique but want more lipsticks that boast a similar vibe, these e.l.f dupes might be up your alley. And for $5 a pop, you could even treat yourself to a few—especially with the shade “Joyful” also being very close to Clinique’s “Pink Honey” shade.

P.S. If you’re interested in doing an inexpensive beauty haul, there’s also an e.l.f Supergoop! dupe making the rounds, that’s perfect for an everyday sunscreen, to pair under your fave non-comedogenic foundations.

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