Fans Say This $3 Tinted Nail Strengthener Makes “Paper Thin” Claws “Long and Strong”

You likely have your skincare regimen down pat, and you may even have a haircare routine, too — but when was the last time you did something to prioritize your nail health? As someone whose guilty pleasure is picking off gel manicures, my claws have certainly seen better days. Since regular salon trips can be pricey and time consuming, I’m in search of at-home treatments that will transform my weak, brittle nails. The latest addition to my cart? Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails Natural Tint Strengthener that’s just $3 at Amazon (yes, $3). 

The formula prevents breakage and chipping while strengthening damaged nails. Plus, it delivers long-lasting protection against everyday wear and tear — washing the dishes will no longer be your manicure’s worst nightmare. Not only does the hardener fortify your claws and boost their growth, but it also provides a sheer tint to elevate their natural look. For salon-worthy results, apply the product to your bare fingernails and beneath their tips. The tinted strengthener serves as the perfect base under other colors, or it can be worn solo for an effortless sheen.  

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Natural Tint Nail Strengthener


Among Amazon’s top best-selling nail strengtheners, the Sally Hansen pick is clearly loved by shoppers; more than 9,000 people purchased it in the past month alone, according to the retailer. One reviewer with “paper thin” nails from “years of wearing no-chip gel [polish]” said “you can’t go wrong” with the $3 pick considering it left their damaged claws “strong and long.” A second customer confirmed that the strengthener “does miracles for weak nails,” adding that it’s “easy to apply” and “long-lasting.” 

One shopper said their nails were chipping from “lots of outdoor work, dishes, and all forms of manual labor,” but the treatment serves as “a great barrier” and “strengthened [their] nails” as a result. The same reviewer went on to add that their manicure looked like it was “done in a salon after application” thanks to its subtle tint. Another customer raved about the “shiny and very natural” look the product delivers, adding that they “have not had a broken nail” since using the strengthener. Still not sold? Take it from another person who deemed it “the best nail hardener.” 

For your healthiest nails yet, head to Amazon to snag the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Natural Tint Nail Strengthener for just $3. Shop more customer-loved products from the brand, below. 

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