“Page One myxxtape hosted by DJ Show”

Cassius K Is a hip hop artist born in Texas City but was raised in Houston, Texas and Lake Charles, Louisiana.Cassius K started rapping when he began to understand business and the power of the music industry. This was when he decided to test the hip hop water with his rapping talent. His latest project, “Page one Myxxtape,” Cassius K tells the story of his life struggles and gives us a few turn-up songs. With the project having twenty-one tracks of quality songs, it was hard to narrow it down to a top three, but my top three favorite songs on the album are “Bihh stop lying,” which gives us a story on a woman who pretends to be somebody she is not just to impress others. While this song has a classic party beat, the other songs on the album have a more serious tone and feeling. Like the song titled “Mattress and Tee’Pee,” which tells a story of Cassius Troubling childhood and how he overcome those obstacles as a young child and my last but not least favorite song on the tape is “Grind Mode.” While this song’s title is self-exploratory, the music is retable, especially in the middle of a pandemic, were grinding and feeding your family has been more challenging than ever. Overall I give the project a solid 7/10. The project is available on youtube and will be on more streaming services later this year. Yall stay on the lookout for more from Cassius K.

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