“Hustla” the movie by Kash Doll

”Hustla” the Movie” (Throw back edition)

Many people are familiar with the female rapper that goes by the name of Kash doll. If you are not familiar with her I’m going to give you a brief run down. Kash doll is based out of Detroit, Michigan. She came onto the scene with a Detroit hit titled “Run me my money.” The song got great radio play in the Midwest and basically set the base for kash dolls career. Kash doll hit the scene with another hit titled “For Everybody” this was the song that caught nationwide attention and because sadly Kash was in a bad contract at the time the song took off. The song did not reach the potential it could have on the charts. Over time kash got out of that bad contract and dropped a tape titled “Brat mail.” That project was pretty solid. Kash doll also dropped singles like “Check,” “Serious,” “Let’s get this money” and countless freestyles and features in 2018 alone. Now on to the movie “Hustla” Kash doll is basically showing off her storytelling skills and a little of her acting skills also. To me the movie/video was great and it is not often that we see the hustling side of a woman and how she got it out the street before the fame. I’m not going to give you guys a breakdown of the movie go watch yourself better yet the link is below it’s totally worth a view.

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