Four Obscure Marvel Characters Who Need To Be In The MCU

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Beta Ray Bill is another obscure Marvel character who deserves some love on the big screen. Appearing first in the Mighty Thor comic in November 1983, he arrived on the page as an alien monster. But fans of the Thor comics were in for a surprise.

Beta Ray Bill ended up being a great hero and because of this, he became the very first non-Norse character to actually wield Thor’s famous hammer, Mjolnir. Of course, the two battled early on as to who was more worthy and who should possess it, but eventually, Beta Ray Bill was given a hammer of his own – Stormbreaker.

Thor would then fight side by side with Beta Ray Bill, taking their respective hammers to any villain whose path they crossed. Since teaming up with Thor 40 years ago, Beta Ray Bill continued to make sporadic appearances.

But Bill has always been an interesting character, especially given the fact that he was granted the ability to carry Thor’s hammer. It would be interesting to see the two team up once again, this time on the big screen.

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