Google Pixel RePresents: Flo Milli

Google Pixel, in collaboration with Mass Appeal and Sony Music’s Certified, proudly introduces Pixel RePresents, an exciting series showcasing the talent of five next generation female hip-hop artists as they infuse their unique styles into timeless tracks. This groundbreaking initiative also features the brilliant artistry of renowned photographer Myesha Evon Gardner from Creator Labs, who photographs captivating visuals using the cutting-edge Google Pixel with Real Tone. Today’s featured artist is none other than Flo Milli, who brings her exhilarating perspective to the iconic Too $hort anthem, “Blow the Whistle,” in her electrifying rendition titled “B.T.W.”

Introducing the indubitable presence in the realm of rap, the Queen of Effortless Swagger, Flo Milli. With an unyielding demeanor and an innate pool of talent, she effortlessly ushers in a revitalizing breeze to the rap game, breathing life into the very essence of the genre. 

Flo Milli’s lyrical finesse is like a finely honed blade, slicing through soundscapes with a precision that leaves listeners spellbound. Her verses are a testament to her brilliance, each line etched with a razor-sharp quality that resonates long after the music fades. Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, this lyrical prowess who wrote her first song at nine years old is elevated by an infectious energy, coursing through her delivery and electrifying audiences like a bolt of lightning. 

From her humble beginnings as a SoundCloud sensation, Flo Milli rose to prominence in 2018 after her songs “Beef FloMix” and “In the Party” (released in 2019) went viral on Instagram and TikTok, eventually leading them to be certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. She continued to release singles including “My Attitude,” “Not Friendly,” “Eat It Up,” “Like That B$%^h,” and “Weak.”  Flo Milli has escalated to a global phenomenon, her name echoing through the music industry like a lightening streak. This meteoric rise stands as a testament to her undeniable potency, solidifying her status as a true force to be reckoned with. Flo Milli’s debut mixtape, Ho, Why Is You Here?, was released in 2020 to critical praise. That year, Flo Milli was also nominated for Best New Artist at the 2020 BET Hip Hop Awards. In 2022, she released her second studio album, You Still Here, Ho?, featuring the hit single, “Conceited.” 

Flo Milli’s artistry extends beyond mere music; it’s a movement that shatters boundaries and defies conventions. Her signature attitude is a beacon of empowerment. Her anthems are more than mere songs; they are rallying cries, inspiring legions to rise above limitations and embrace their innate strength. That’s why you’ll find a Flo Milli feature on legions of songs from artists like Big Freedia, Rich the Kid, Ludacris, and Saucy Santana, plus a list of non-album singles that just keep coming.

With Flo Milli at the helm, the rap landscape is forever transformed. Her reign as the Queen of Effortless Swagger is unchallenged, her influence palpable in every rhythm, every beat, and every verse. As you embark on this sonic journey, prepare to be swept away by her lyrical dexterity, unyielding confidence, and empowering anthems. Join the movement, become a part of the narrative, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a fearless generation that finds solace and strength in the artistry of Flo Milli.

Check out Flo Milli’s remix for Google Pixel RePresents and exclusive behind-the-scenes images from her photoshoot below!

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