How To Rock A Smoky Eye Even If You Have Crow’s Feet

Let’s set the scene: You’ve pulled out the little black dress you adore and now you need a dark eye to go with it. Using the right color and tools is the key to looking marvelous vs. a hot mess. 

Start by selecting the right shade. Celebrity makeup artist Bruce Dean told Prime Woman one of the mistakes people make with a smoky eyes look is, “It tends to look too hard or heavy.” Therefore, rather than starting with a rich black, it’s best to opt for a burnt sienna, bronze, dark purples, deep pinks, or even gray. After selecting the right color, it’s time to look at the applicator you’re using. To apply the darkest color, @maturemakeupmadesimple recommends using the smallest end of a multitask brush. Get in there and apply the color to the top of your lid until you have a nice base. Follow the same steps for the bottom lash. Once you’ve got enough color, use the fluffy end of the brush to buff the color out from the crease using upward strokes.

It’s easy to go in and darken everything as you need to, and you can personalize it by adding a bit of highlight on the brow bone or a wing. With the technique in the bag, try a few tips to ensure your eyes come out perfectly every time.

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