‘I’m a beauty expert and I rely on one method to instantly look look younger’

An injectables nurse has gone viral after admitting that there are easier ways to achieve an instant “glow-up” without succumbing to the needle.

Olivia Salmen, a beauty expert who studies faces for a living, has built an army of 147,000 followers on TikTok since sharing her pearls of wisdom on anti-aging regimens.

The content creator took to TikTok to reassure women that there are quick ways to look younger, starting with the optimisation of your wardrobe and make-up collection.

In the video, which has racked up more than 334,000 likes, Olivia explains that choosing colors compatible with your skin tone can do wonders for turning back the clock.

Color analysis is a well-known element of the aesthetics industry that draws on the theory that certain tones emphasize different aspects of a person’s skin coloring.

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“I literally study faces and beauty for a living and here are my recommendations,” explained Olivia at the beginning of the clip, before giving viewers insight on “how to glow up without injectables”.

Describing the phenomenon in more detail, the nurse added: “When you wear colours in your colour palette, it complements your undertones, So since I gave warm undertones, I wear warmer colours.”

In essence, while certain tones help a person look younger and more refreshed, others can leave a person’s features looking washed out.

The content creator, who has olive-toned skin, explained that she typically suits red and brown tones better as these tones already exist in her complexion.

She also gave the example of Zooey Deschanel, who is famed for her high-contrast characteristics; bright blue eyes, pale skin, and dark hair. These features “look better in cooler tones”, explained Olivia.

The expert went on: “Same with eye makeup. So, for example, I have brown eyes. Browns and purples look best on my eyes. They accentuate my eye colour, whereas someone with blue eyes is gonna wear a different colour.

“Foundations in the store are going to have warm tones, cool tones. If you don’t know which tone you are from the beginning you might buy one that never looks quite right.

“So knowing which tone you are when you’re looking for makeup is important.”

For those unsure of which color palette suits them best, it may be worth getting in touch with a personal stylist to have a professional color analysis, which proved life-changing for one commentator.

“Everyone should get a professional color analysis, it seriously changed my life,” explained the viewer.

Another person complimented the video creator, saying: “Funny because before you mentioned color theory I was already thinking that color looked pretty on you!”

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