Is “Serpent Nails” the next beauty trend? All about the manicure design as Emily Ratajkowski leads the trend

With the new manicure trend ‘serpent nails’ making rounds in nail art, Emily Ratajkowski is taking some innovative dips. Lately, the model was on the cover of many magazines and social media handles, sporting her snakeskin-inspired nails with her bewitching sensual chocolate-brown tresses. With her mismatched nail polish fad, she has been the celeb-cynosure.

On August 7, 2023, Ratajkowski got her Instagram feed in a roll, sharing a carousel, while focusing on her freshly done serpent manicure. She captioned the post:

“Blackberries cow serpent nails and sly.”

Wearing a grey crew neck upper, an acid-wash jean jacket, matching denim trousers, and sneakers in a black and red hue, she accessorized her getup with a gold finger ring. Her vibrant and choppy copper-tint Birkin bangs and strawberry-shaded blush-and-freckles makeover gave a spellbinding outlook. Not to forget her serpent nails, exuding sophistication and allure.

Emily Ratajkowski’s ‘Serpent Nails’ leads to a new trend of ‘sinister’ yet ‘chic manicures.’

Emily’s stunning serpent nails manicure is an amazing artwork, as her nails brag several eye-catching designs. Each nail catered to a mismatched design, showcasing a distinctive, bewitching imprint that seizes a manicure lover’s attention.

In all these nail creations, one can find a milky white base ornamented with a flashy shot of aura design in the hues of black, a bold red base with an equally fascinating burst aura design in black, and a sensational red glitter nail that counts on the touch of an oomph factor.

Emily Ratajkowski's 'Serpent Nails' leads to a new manicure trend (Image via Instagram @emrata)
Emily Ratajkowski’s ‘Serpent Nails’ leads to a new manicure trend (Image via Instagram @emrata)

Further, Emily opted for a definitive black and red aura nail, exuding complexity, and a red base with a gracefully stirred black-hued tip, imitating a snakeskin’s complex patterns. This manicure flawlessly imitates the magnetic lure and marvelous textures found in the fascinating world of snakeskin!

Mismatched nails are trending this summer

With Emily Ratajkowski flattering the design, serpent nails have become the next big beauty craze. This stunning manicure creation, featuring complex designs reminiscing a snakeskin, is ideal for those who are skimming to make a bold assertion with their nails.

Celebs like Keke Palmer, Madelyn Cline, and Hailey Bieber have welcomed this mismatched aura manicure fad, affirming it as a must-try nail craze for this beauty season.

Simple steps to acquire a mismatched aura nail design

  • Apply a base coat of red-hued or milky-white gel shine to the nails and cover them evenly.
  • Once done, cure it underneath a UV or LED lamp following instructions. This is a crucial step to ensure the durability of these nails.
  • Use the tacky/sticky layer remaining on the nails. This layer serves the purpose of an adhesive for the following step.
  • With the nails still sticky, dust a black eyeshadow onto the preferred spots to form distinctive and interesting aura designs. Try being innovative and keep experimenting with varied imprints or sequences.
  • Enhance the general manicure outlook by sealing in the design and applying a high-shine top coat to the nails. This adds a shiny finish and ensures a long-lasting effect.
  • Let the top coat dry thoroughly before flaunting these enchanting aura nail designs.

‘Serpent nails’ have unquestionably seized the attention of manicure enthusiasts and social media influencers alike.

The mismatched 'Serpent Nails' of Emily (Image via Instagram @emrata)
The mismatched ‘Serpent Nails’ of Emily (Image via Instagram @emrata)

With Emily Ratajkowski showing off the new nail trend, it is hovering to evolve as the next ‘big thing. These mismatched nails, especially with aura compositions, are in rage this summer, and it would be no surprise to see the craze continue flourishing well into the fall season!

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