Katy Perry’s Micro-French Manicure Shines Against Her Sequin Dress

Katy Perry has always been a maximalist, but she’s hopping on the minimal nail-art trend. On Aug. 3, the singer posted a carousel of pictures on Instagram promoting an upcoming appearance on “Good Morning America.” In the photos, Perry pairs a blue sequin dress with a slicked-back bun and a gorgeous micro-french manicure.

Perry’s nails were filed into a short square shape with a jelly-pink base. A stark-white polish was used to paint the french tip along the edge of each finger. However, instead of a thicker smile line as seen with traditional french manicures, Perry’s was so thin it was almost imperceptible. It also went straight across the free edge, as opposed to curving in with the shape of the nail. A few swipes of a shiny top coat gave the look an unmissable shine and with that, her manicure was complete.

Micro-french nail art, otherwsie known as a “baby french,” is just one of the many neutral manicures to trend in the last year. From the ’90s “supermodel” pink to “digital lavender” nails, Hollywood stars have been loving basic, barely-there finishes. French manicures are arguably one of the most versatile manicures of all time, (seriously, there are over 20 different types), so if you’re also on the hunt for a minimal design, take a closer look at Perry’s for some inspiration.

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