Leading hair expert shares grey hair mistake which ‘makes you look lots older’

When it comes to looking younger, mature women have plenty of options. From makeup to skincare to cosmetic treatments to full wardrobe revamps, anti-ageing is totally accessible.

Many women also dye their , adding face-framing highlights or going for a whole head of colour to cover their greys entirely. 

However, women who proudly rock their silver strands can still maintain a youthful appearance with just a few simple tips and tricks.

Inanch Emir, leading hair expert and creative director of Inanch London, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about how mature ladies can look younger and fresh with grey hair – plus what not to do.

Inanch told Express.co.uk: “There is nothing wrong with growing old ‘greyfully’ however grey hair can obviously put years on your appearance, here are some tips on embracing the greyvolution whilst still feeling and looking young.

She advised: “Chose a fun, youthful style which looks fashionable and not dated. For example, long hair which just hangs with no definition will make you look a lot older.

“Instead opt for a shorter/ funky style. Add in depth and layers to compliment your features, rather than straightened tresses.”

Next, the expert advised: “Add some body! If your hair is starting to thin or you are starting to experience hair loss, why not add in some extensions or speak to a hair loss specialist (available at Inanch) to discuss options! Extensions are not just for the young but will certainly make you look younger!”

Investing in great products can also be the difference between gorgeously grey and a total disaster.

Inanch told ladies to use good quality products – they “work wonders in keeping your greys fresh, frizz free and fabulous”.

The leading hair expert recommended a particular brand. She said: “We are obsessed with the Color Wow products – we love them so much, we have started selling them at Inanch! 

The Extra Strength Dream Coat is perfect for taming dry/ unruly hair – its ultra-moisturising, anti-frizz treatment keeps dry/ dehydrated hair glassy-smooth, straight and frizz resistant through  three to four shampoos! perfect for keeping Grey hair youthful.”

Finally, even though you might be taking the plunge into the grey pool, Inanch told women to still give some thought to the colour of their hair.

She said: “Au Natural doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with colour. If your hair is just starting to grey then add in some fresh grey highlights to even out your hair, reduce harsh roots and help with the greying process.”

Inanch added: “Tone the locks – grey hair can look dull! If you want to add some gloss and brighten up natural grey then try a purple shampoo or a vibrant toner (something stronger depending on the hair you are working on).

“I really like the Schwarzkopf colour freeze, silver shampoo or for a toner you can use the Schwarzkopf Vibrance in 9,5-1 or Silverwhites Royal – they produce wonderful shades, full of shine and will even out unwanted tones whilst creating a platinum/silver look.”

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