Rockford salon supports women with hair loss

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Using sad life experiences for the greater good is the mission behind a new wig salon expected to open next month in Rockford. The owner’s mission is to help young women across the region to love themselves while living with hair loss.

Yvetta Yance lives with alopecia and lost all of her hair at 10-years-old. Her battle with bullies throughout school encouraged her to create wigs for little girls.

“There’s no little bitty wigs for girls,” she said.

Yance along with her four sisters all deal with hair loss, so she has two goals in mind for her new shop, My Sista’s House, 3417 Auburn St., Rockford.

“We’re going to stop the bullying in school, we’re going to stop people, women in general, from being ashamed of their hair falling out,” she said.

Willie Mae Walker is Yance’s older sister. They lost two sisters from COVID-19 last year a week apart from each other. This experience led to the vision of My Sista’s House.

“We’re here for any nationality, any color,” she said.

My Sista’s House allows women to try on wigs, get them styled and get a full makeover before heading home.

“We’re understanding what they’re going through on the inside but making them feel beautiful on the outside when once they leave out of these doors, they feel like they can’t be touched,” Yance said.

She wants everyone who steps into her doors to embrace their hair no matter what.

“Styling the wig if you wanted styled hair, we’ve also have a ponytail person that does straight ponytails, we also have a lady barber on the team and we have someone that does locks,” Yance said.

Yance’s life-long friend, Faye Wheeler, calls her a living angel. Wheeler believes My Sista’s House will succeed because Yance always puts others before herself.

“If they say they’re hungry, she’s gonna find them some food,” She said. “If they’re in between housing, she’s gonna be looking for housing referrals while they’re getting their hair done.”

My Sista’s House doesn’t only focus on hair. People can also go to get their brows, lashes and makeup done.

The grand opening of My Sista’s House will be Sept. 1 and are open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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