Mary J. Blige And Simone Smith To Release Jewelry Collection Honoring Hip-Hop

Mary J. Blige and business partner Simone I. Smith are launching new accessories ahead of National Hip Hop Day on Aug.11. In a capsule collection from their joint jewelry brand Sister Love, the owners will release an assortment of bling that is inspired by the wears worn in classic hip hop shoots and videos for the genre’s 50th anniversary.

Sister Love, for the entrepreneurial duo, is a brand geared toward women through uplifting and support of their ideas and goals. According to Vibe, the statement pieces will include triangle hoops and name-plated additions for the earrings. Blige details how certain styles are influential to Hip-Hop imagery,

“We decided on these earring styles for Hip-Hop 50 because these are the earrings that were the most popular, specifically the triangle hoops (what we call Tri-Bams), and the ones that every girl from the projects and female rappers wore! Hip-Hop culture always influences the designs for Sister Love. These are the earrings we wore growing up and are still wearing today.”

Smith, whose is married to legendary rapper and actor LL Cool J, also revealed a collection for men that takes notes from her impactful husband. The  “bodega vibe” of necklaces and pendants in the collection cater precisely to those who want a rapper’s bling-like flair at an affordable price-point.

Blige wanted to curate a collection that paid tribute to the genre that inspired her upbringing and identity, reflecting the style of the community that built it.

“Hip-hop is so important to me because it gave me my identity growing up in the inner city and the projects,” shared the songstress.

“It was and still is a powerful way for us to express ourselves and understand other artists and rappers who MC through their experience. Years ago, people thought this genre would be extinct, but 50 years later it is still here and just as big as rock and roll. ”

The 90’s inspired jewelry is available now at Sister Love to bring back the nostalgia and celebrate 50 years of Hip Hop.

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