Meet Audacy’s Hip-Hop Historians: Celebrating 50 years with voices that helped build it

We’ve been giving praise to the artists that have created the music that we consider Hip-Hop, but what about those that broke Hip-Hop records on-air, when no one else would? These trailblazers have played a pivotal role in making Hip-Hop as impactful as it is and now it’s time to give them praise.

To those who have been instrumental in the growth of Hip-Hop over the past 50 years, from Ed Lover to Chuy Gomez, we have got to take a moment to acknowledge Audacy’s Hip-Hop Historians.

Stay tuned as Audacy continues to celebrate the birth and trailblazing influence of Hip-Hop all year long. Follow Hip-Hop Made through 2023 and listen to your favorite music on Audacy’s Hip Hop Made suite of stations, only on Audacy.

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