Mesmerizing “Iced Coffee” Manicures Are Taking Over TikTok

Nothing is more majestic, or refreshing, than your daily iced coffee. The morning can’t truly begin until you’ve watched a splash of almond milk swirl around some ice cubes and mix into your cold brew. The color combo is pure artistry, which is why “iced coffee” manicures are so popular on TikTok.

Not only are iced coffee nails the perfect way to pay homage to your favorite drink, they’re also super pretty. According Juli Russell, a DIY nail expert for Sally Beauty, the look is all about swirling together brown and cream polishes to capture the marbled effect that happens when milk mixes with coffee. The result? A manicure that looks exactly like you dunked your fingertips into a foamy brew.

The other beautiful thing about this design, according to Russell, is that it combines two nail art trendsabstracts and neutrals — into one. “If you’re looking to add creative flair to the manicure routine, but are more of a neutral tone stan, then this look is for you,” she tells Bustle. “The trend’s versatility allows for various interpretations and adaptations, from subtle gradients to elaborate swirls.”

Keep scrolling below for 11 iced coffee nail ideas to use as inspiration.

Cream & Sugar

To create a realistic-looking cold brew aesthetic on your nails at home, Russell recommends using a brush to dot on gel polish in shades of brown, white, and cream. “The gel allows the colors to move around and effortlessly swirl together, like a milky iced coffee,” she says.

Caramel Swirl

Iced coffee nails combine abstract swirls with neutral tones for a design that looks good enough to drink. If you’re a real dairy girl, go for white. If you’re big into oat milk, opt for a taupe so your nails match your drink.

Light On The Milk

For a more sultry manicure, apply a dark espresso polish as your base and then go easy on the white swirls.


To honor the drink you dream about 10 times a day, try this Starbucks-inspired cold brew design complete with silver details to mimic the shine of the cup.

Iced Mocha

To get this look, Russell suggests laying down a base coat of mocha brown, letting it dry, and then going in with a scrunched up piece of plastic wrap that’s been dipped into white or cream polish. When you sponge it over your nails, it’ll create the same marbling effect that happens when milk hits coffee.

Iced Coffee Tips

Another option? Some creators get the iced coffee look using a stamp that’s been dipped into multiple latte-inspired polish shades, Russell explains. To give yourself iced coffee French tips, dab the stamp gently just on the ends of your nails.

Latte Art

Latte art is an undeniably adorable way to express your love for all things coffee. These hearts look exactly like the type your favorite barista knows how to make.

Subtle Swirls

According to Russell, this trend can be as bold or as subtle as you like. To keep things simple and chic, go for a clear base coat and an extra-light touch of coffee and creamer on your tips.

Coffee Colors

Vertical stripes and swirls also look right. For inspo, stare into your nitro cold brew as you paint.

Drip, Drop, Drizzle

These coffee-colored drizzles will let everyone know you mean business when it comes to cold brew.

Whole Menu

To keep things simple, you can always skip the dairy details and go for a different iced coffee hue on each finger tip, like hazelnut, mocha, espresso, cream, and caramel.


Juli Russell, DIY nail expert for Sally Beauty

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