Lancôme X The Louvre Team Up For An Art Inspired Collaborative Beauty Collection

Lancôme finds its newest muse (and latest collaborative partnership) in The Louvre’s famed, striking sculptures. Channeling the essence of nine iconic works including the Venus de Milo, the Victory of Samothrace, Corine, Diane de Gabies, the Nymph with the Scorpion, Echo, Hygeia, Hermaphrodite, and Venus D’Arles, the beauty titan’s latest range of collaborative offerings are aimed for modern women with a direct source of inspiration.

“I opened my mind to which art pieces we could focus on and the possibilities for the collection,” says Lisa Eldridge, renowned makeup artist and Lancôme’s Creative Director. “The light, the architecture… I could hone in on finer details to feature in the collection. Art and history, along with vanity and beauty, inform so much of human nature, societal changes, and the human spirit. I find a much more enlightening way of learning history is through creativity.”

Courtesy of Lancôme

From the mesmerizing light of the Richelieu wing of the Musée du Louvre to the smooth marble and stone of nine sculptures chosen for the collaboration, the duo created a collection that highlights both the powerful stories of the goddesses and the famous Richelieu Gallery of the Louvre as an artwork.

Elevating your eye makeup, the Richelieu Wing color palette unites a luminous highlighter with four distinctive eyeshadow shades, each capturing the essence of the renowned Richelieu gallery at the Louvre. The palette pays homage to Corine, the Greek poetess of the 5th century BC, showcased in the Louvre’s Richelieu Wing.

For lips, Lancôme creates a L’Absolu Rouge collection inspired by the four chosen muses within the art pieces of the museum: Hermaphrodite, Diane de Gabies, Nymph Echo and Nymph with a Scorpion.

Courtesy of Lancôme

Representing health, the Goddess Hygie is the muse for the Lancôme x Louvre limited edition of Advanced Génifique. As a symbol of well-being, Hygeia is the inspiration for Lancôme’s advanced formula to help restore skin radiance.

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