My lazy workout will get you ‘baddie’ arms if you don’t have your life together

A POPLAR TikToker has revealed how she stays in shape without a gym membership.

Lauren (@queenlaurenjack) shared an easy workout to tone arms without using any equipment in response to demand from her almost 200,000 followers.

Lauren has gone viral on TikTok after revealing an arm workout that doesn't require any equipment


Lauren has gone viral on TikTok after revealing an arm workout that doesn’t require any equipmentCredit: TikTok/queenlaurenjack

She donned a simple graphic print T-shirt and shorts for the “lazy girl” exercise.

“This is for the girlies who don’t have their lives together in any shape or form.

“So if that is not you please keep scrolling and have the best day,” Lauren said.

“Hi, b***h. This is for the girls who don’t have a bed frame, a lot of you guys mentioned that in the last video.

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“So this is an arm workout that you can do just with yourself.”

Lauren told her viewers to start with a scream.

She then began to demonstrate a series of exercises that can be done anywhere and take minimal space.

She said: “When doing these exercises it’s very important to try and relax your shoulders.

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“And even though you would think relaxing would come easy to a gal like us, it gets difficult.

“The next thing we’re going to do is warm up our arms. Swing them around and hit a pillow. Then swing them around in little circles. 

“You’re going to go forward for 15 seconds, you will then go in the opposite direction and reverse the pain.

“You will then pulse your palms in every direction, so forward for 15 seconds, up for 15 seconds, behind you for 15 seconds, and to the floor for 15 seconds.

“I usually do these while I’m walking around to distract myself from the idea of doing …well anything.

“You will now do what I call shudders for 15 seconds.”

Lauren showed herself doing a similar arm motion to jumping jacks while keeping the rest of her body still.

She continued: “And for the last exercise you will be doing 15 seconds of up, down, tee.

“And if you feel like crying at the end of this you’re more than welcome to repeat step number one again.”

Lauren captioned the post: “Lazy girl workout: arms for my baddies without a bedframe.”

She added the hashtags #lazygirlworkous, #easyarmworkout, and #easyathomeworkout.

Responding to a commenter she explained that the goal of the workout is to inspire people to give at least 10 percent effort to bettering themselves.

“It may not seem like much but I promise it is,” she said.

One commenter wrote: “Thank you for the motivation on this very lazy day… I feel inspired to try a teeny bit today.”

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Another said: “Ok I need your energy! It’s cool how I literally cannot commit to anything but I liked this routine SO much.”

A third added: “This might be my favorite workout video ever.”

Lauren showed herself moving her arms in a circular motion then pulsating


Lauren showed herself moving her arms in a circular motion then pulsatingCredit: TikTok/queenlaurenjack

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