‘My music comes from a place of responsibility and respect’: Badshah on objectification of women in hip-hop scene

Popular rapper Badshah is one of the most celebrated rappers of the industry who enjoys a mammoth amount of stardom. His tracks are immensely popular especially amongst the youngsters. Currently holding all the cards, the singer never fails to offer freshness in his tracks. From his tracks hitting millions of views to trending them on social media platforms, none of his songs can ever go unnoticed. While hip-hop is becoming a very celebrated genre, we also see several tracks objectifying women in their tracks, but Badshah doesn’t support it.

Badshah on women objectification in music

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, the singer expressed strong disapproval over the objectification of women. “I have female family members at home and my music comes from a place of responsibility and respect.” In addition to this, upon asking about some of his tracks having such lyrics he citing an example of being a journalist stated that he tells people what he sees through his music. “I do take certain lyrical liberties for entertainment, as eventually, art is about freedom,” he responds.

Badshah’s views on male dominance in the hip-hop scene

In the same interview, the rapper also talked about male-dominance in the hip-hop space. The rapper feels that there should be more gender parity. Nonetheless, he is ‘proud of the progression and inclusivity that is being witnessed within the hip-hop industry. We need to get rid of the ‘boys’ club’ tag.”

He further advocates that men and women artistes should get the same kind of respect. He is also happy to see women standing up for themselves today. Calling this generation ‘more courageous’, the Paani Paani singer states “they know exactly what they want and how they can get it.”

About Badshah

Rapper-singer Badshah is known for lending several super hit tracks like, Jugnu, Sanak amongst others. In addition to this, he has also crooned for several Bollywood movies like Loveyatri, Khoobsurat, Raabta and many more.

Badshah Workfront

Rapper-singer Badshah’s latest release, Gone Girl in collaboration with Payal Dev has been ruling the internet. Meanwhile, the Mercy singer will be busy with live music shows in November which are held in Ovo Arena Wembley, London.

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