Nail Inspo!: Creative Manicures You’ll Want to Try This Summer

It’s that time again! That nail art you casually showed off three weeks ago on Instagram has gone crusty again. The paint has chipped, a nail or two has come off, and those cuticles have you saying, “Girl, we gotta get it together.” It’s time to hit up your favorite nail tech and book an appointment. However, you’re not sure what new design to get. Well no worries, we hit IG and found some nail inspo for you. 

Check out these creative looks you will want to show to your nail tech at your next mani appointment. 

Gina Edwards

Gina Edwards is everyone’s favorite celebrity nail tech. Her style can be described as minimal with a playful feel. Edwards doesn’t shy away from minimal 3-D nail art, flowers, or fun colors. She shared “Play Dough” nails this past spring on her Instagram page. This unique nail art is perfect for the minimal nail girlie looking to embrace her inner child this summer.

Mimi D is an education-first nail tech who loves nail design. She continuously shares tips on nail health and insights into nail designs. Her looks are bright colors and glitter, and her candy designs are for the sweetest heart. It is colorful and bold, giving us all the nostalgic vibes, especially for those who loved “Sour Patch.”

Dawn Sterling

Dawn Sterling is a fashion manicurist whose work has been seen on the cover of ELLE Magazine, Vogue, Tiffany & Co, and more. Her nail designs are the perfect “clean girl aesthetic” with minimal manicures and French tips! Sterling did a custom press on set for the Spring Summer Campaign in the latest Ambush campaign. The design screams, “minimal, but make it fashion!”

Shani Evans

With edgy designs, Shani Evans doesn’t shy aware from pushing the boundaries in the nail world. Whether she’s blowing our minds with pop art or making you take a second look at her oil-spill nails, we promise you will be obsessed with Evans’ fun style.

Nailed By Toots

Mary Joesph, better known as Nailed By Toots on her Instagram page is your next favorite nail tech! We are obsessed with her flirty nail designs that are perfect for any occasion. I mean, check out these golden coffin nails she recently shared. They are perfectly shaped, with hints of gold confetti on the tips. It also has a halo-like effect on the end of the nail, giving it a minimal French tip touch.

Canishiea J Sams

Canishiea is changing the nail seen by going beyond the traditional French tip. Her design style can be compared to going to an art museum. A playful mix of fun colors, shades, and shapes. Sams’ designs are definitely for creatives. This look she shared on her Instagram page looks  like a work of art.

Marsha Toussaint

Looking at Marsha Toussaint’s work—Marsha Marsha Nails—on her Instagram page, you’ll see how creative she is. One of her latest designs pays homage to her home state of New York. You will notice details that represent the New York City subway routes (trains E and F ) and even a yellow taxi. 

Gracie’s work embodies her identity and is reflected in her creative process. Her viral design of an all-black nail design with a black fist topped by a hair pic received over 11,000 likes on her social media. “An Ode to Black hair culture. Sculpted for the culture.” It’s just one of her many that celebrates who she is as an artist.

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