‘Superfake’ Designer Handbags: What They Are & How They’re Taking Over

Although the idea of saving money is intriguing, it comes at a cost to others. For starters, counterfeit bags are illegal. In the United States and various countries around the world, selling counterfeit bags is a punishable crime. However, the most pressing issue surrounding superfakes is exactly how they are made. One reason why designer items have a lofty price is due to the labor-intensive task of producing these luxury goods. The more intricate the item, the more labor is needed to complete it.

In terms of superfake bags, the same process can be arduous and intensive. However, most of these superfakes are made in factories and locations with no type of labor restrictions. The rise of superfakes points a spotlight at labor malpractice and even instances of child abuse that could be behind these superfake handbags. While they might be cheaper, they come at an expense on the human level.

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