Natalie Nunn Takes Shots At Joseline Hernandez, Lists All The Rappers In Her DMs

Natalie Nunn has suddenly found her name in headlines a lot recently. That came after she was surprisingly name-dropped by Nicki Minaj in June. Nicki appeared on the song “Endless Fashion” by Lil Uzi Vert which dropped on the rapper’s number one album Pink Tape. “Ayo, even if my name was Natalie, none these b*tches still couldn’t chin-check me,” Minaj raps on the track in a funny and memorable refrain. Nunn herself had nothing but love for Nicki as a result of the shoutout. She took to social media to tell the rap star how much she loved her.

Now the Bad Girls Club star turned Baddies executive producer is once again flaunting some of her hip-hop connections. Over the weekend while on stage at a club event, she shouted out some of the artists who apparently watch Baddies and aren’t afraid to slide into her DMs about it. “Besides the fact that Nicki’s in my DMs right now. So the f*ck is Cardi too. And guess who else? Glorilla!” Nunn excitedly shouts into a microphone to increasingly hyped-up responses from the crowd. Nunn also took the opportunity to take some shots at Joseline Hernandez, who she’s recently become embroiled in somewhat of a beef with. “Hi Joseline, I love you,” she sarcastically ends her speech. Check out the video of the entire interaction below.

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Natalie Nunn Getting DMs From Nicki Minaj And Cardi B

Natalie Nunn has been riding the wave of her Nicki Minaj shoutout ever since. Just a few days after the album was released video of her turning up to her own mention on the project began to go viral. A month later she also claimed that as a result of the shoutout and the renewed interest that followed it, she had signed a $1 million deal.

Nunn has even more allies in the rap game than just the trio she mentioned. She’s also gotten some shoutouts from Ice Spice on the “Munch” rapper’s Instagram story. What do you think of Natalie Nunn shouting out Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and GloRilla while taking shots at Joseline Hernandez? Let us know in the comment section below.

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