On the Podcast: Paloma Elsesser, Supriya Lele, and Jill Kortleve Talk Fashion Month

Chloe Malle: Hmm.

Chioma Nnadi: Really?

Paloma Elsesser: I never wear pants.

Chloe Malle: Wow.

Paloma Elsesser: They never put plus girls in pants.

Chloe Malle: Wow.

Paloma Elsesser: Start paying attention. Start looking.

Chioma Nnadi: I am. I am gonna pay attention. I actually… You’re right. It’s usually a dress-

Chloe Malle: A knit dress.

Chioma Nnadi: A knit dress.

Paloma Elsesser: Dress and the jacket, yeah.

Chloe Malle: Yeah. Wow.

Paloma Elsesser: So, putting me in black trousers and a tiny [laughs] neon top, yeah, like I would wear that in real life. Separately that, but it also-

Chioma Nnadi: You looked amazing, by the way. That was a great [laughs] show.

Paloma Elsesser: Yeah. I was a good show, you know. When I’ve done Supriya’s show, like, wearing a mini skirt and wearing, kinda, these layers and these waves and also just being invited into the process.

Chioma Nnadi: Yeah. No, I mean, you have such a fantastic style. And you know, Paloma happens to be a judge on the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund-

Chloe Malle: Oh, I didn’t realize that.

Chioma Nnadi: Yeah. And her insights are always so, like, incredibly spot on. I mean, I think any designer who gets to work with you should use your eyes as well-

Paloma Elsesser: Hmm.

Chioma Nnadi: … as your amazing presence and body and, you know, beauty. But do you find that, that, that, that’s beginning to happen, ’cause I do think that, like, you know, you know your body best, right? So, people should be asking more questions to you about, “Well, what feels good for you? And wh- And how would you do this and how would you approach this?”

Paloma Elsesser: I think as women or people, but especially as models where it’s like I, and as a model, like, I think anyone of any size definitely should be asked and, like, consenting to a certain degree, for sure.

Chloe Malle: Supriya, was it helpful asking Paloma?

Supriya Lele: Yeah. I mean, every time I’ve worked with Paloma I feel that we’ve, we’ve had, like, a very open and honest dialogue about what, you know, what you like, whether you like your look, the overthought of that you, you know, that I thought would look good on you, or perhaps you’d prefer something to be different, you know, fit and feeling, those two things. Like, you’re, you know, you’re working, you’re collaborating with somebody who is… You know, you want them to feel really amazing when they’re wearing those pieces, right? So, when, you know, when they’re walking down the runway they, they look incredible and feel good.

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