Princess Peach: Showtime! brings Mushroom Kingdom to the theater in March

Nintendo’s upcoming Princess Peach game has a name: Princess Peach Showtime!, revealed during Thursday’s Nintendo Direct. First teased in June, the solo adventure game is the first game starring the Mushroom Kingdom’s princess in more than 17 years. It’s coming to Nintendo Switch on March 22, 2024.

In the trailer, Toad brings Princess Peach an invite to a theater, where things go very wrong.

A mysterious enemy called Wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch takes over the theater stage, and it’s up to Peach and the theater guardian, Stella, to save the play. Stella can assist Peach by helping her transform into different costumes, like a sword-fighting outfit, to fight off the baddies. There are a bunch of different plays for Peach to save, including ones where Peach gets to be a detective, baker, and lots more. Gameplay changes based off Peach’s outfit, which means Princess Peach Showtime! looks to have a ton of variety.

Princess Peach last starred in Super Princess Peach, which came out in 2005 on Nintendo DS. Before that, she led Princess Toadstool’s Castle Run, which was released in 1990 for LCD game-watch as part of a McDonald’s promo. Nintendo fans are excited to see Princess Peach back in the spotlight, though — especially after she co-starred in The Super Mario Bros. Movie this year, where she successfully saves the Mushroom Kingdom alongside Mario, Toad, and Luigi.

You won’t have to wait until 2024 to play as Peach in a Nintendo game, however: She’s playable in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Nintendo’s new 2D side-scroller coming out in October on Nintendo Switch.

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